Brawlhalla Hosts A Crossover With The Walking Dead On October 14

New Ranked Season begins today.
Look who's joining the fight?
Look who's joining the fight? Ubisoft

Looks like there’s no stopping The Walking Dead. Series fan favorites are more than ready to be part of Brawlhalla’s roster. This special crossover sees Rick Grimes, Michonne, and Daryl Dixon join the brawl on October 14.

Like any crossover, this means that the characters are not really going to have original moves, so to speak. Michonne, for example, is going to mirror the abilities of Koji and brings with her the Kingdom Bow and, of course, her Katana. Daryl Dixon, meanwhile, mirrors Ember and has his iconic crossbow and hunting knives. It wouldn’t be complete without Rick Grimes, who is mirroring Barraza and brings with him his hatchet and revolvers.

It’s not all fighters though, as the crossover also comes with a map that depicts the prison from the show’s third and fourth season. There’s also a new Podium and KO effect. Even more interesting is the new mode where players get to face waves of walkers as they try to survive for as long as they can.

New Ranked Season

Brawlhalla is launching the new Ranked Season 18 today. There’s going to be a Soft Elo Reset which is based on the player’s current Elo at the end of the season. Then there’s the Glory Earnings, which is based on a combination of the player’s Highest Peak Rating and total wins.

The newest rewards offered in the news season are the Trophy Emote and Jewel Nameplate that are available in Skyforged and Goldforged versions. Players can spend the Glory they earned to buy Skyforged Colors, Weapons, Nameplates, and Emotes. The colors in particular can only be used on Legends that have reached at least level 5. The Goldforged versions, meanwhile, are only available to players that already have the Skyforged version of that particular item.

You can read more about the new season here.

Meanwhile, Battle Pass Season 2 – Synthwave is still offered. This battle pass comes with 85 tiers of exclusive rewards. Other new additions to Brawlhalla include the introduction of its latest Legend in Mako the Shark. Not hesitating to join the fight, she brings with her three new skins. Learn more about this new Legend here.

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