Brawlhalla Launches On Mobile Devices Tomorrow

New platform means new ways to play.
New platform means new ways to play. Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla is all set to be released to mobile devices tomorrow, August 6. It’s going to be available for both Android and iOS. The game is already available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Since it allows full cross-play on all platforms, this should present some interesting matches.

In celebration of Brawhalla coming to mobile, players on all platforms receive the Bear’dvar Skin as long as they log in within two weeks of launch. To be able to use this skin immediately, Bodvar is going to be featured on the free-to-play Legend rotation.

Welcome a new Legend

So what else is happening in Brawlhalla this week? For starters, Jaeyun is now permanently a part of the roster. This 50th Legend joins the fight and brings with him three new skins which are the Hanbok Jaeyun, Gilded Glory Jaeyun, and Death Jester Jaeyun skins.

Jaeyun is also bringing with him his Greatsword weapon. This new weapon introduces a new mechanic to the game. During grounded light attacks, the player can enter into a Bridge stance and then follow it with a Closer stance in order to allow for different ways to combo an opponent.

Jaeyun is the first Legend to wield a Greatsword. Players can expect more legends to have similar weapons in the future.

Helping with Charity

For a limited time, Brawlhalla is introducing the Solidarity Emote for Charity. All proceeds from this Emote are going to be donated to Campaign Zero. To know more about this non-profit organization, read more here.

Brawl of the Week

For this week, it’s all about water balloons with the Water Bomb Bash. This free-for-all has six players going at each other with 200% damage. Players get two points for getting a KO and lose one point when KO’d. Players with the highest score after three minutes wins.


Over at the store there are new Ranked Rewards which include:

  • Skyforged and Goldforged Greatsword
  • Skyforged and Goldforged Trophy Emotes
  • Skyforged and Goldforged Jewel Nameplates

For this week as well, the game is going to rotate rapidly through chests. Keep an eye on the in-game timer in order to know when the next chest is going to rotate.

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