Brawlhalla Launches Its Back To School 2020 Event

Time to hit the books.
Time to hit the books. Blue Mammoth Games

Looks like school is almost back in session as Brawlhalla has launched its Back to School 2020 Event. There’s going to be new skins along with the return of skins released in previous events.

In addition to looking into the details of this new event, we also take a quick peek at the results of the Brawlhalla SteelSeries Singles Championship.

So what’s happening with this new event? Players can expect to see these items added to Brawlhalla:

  • Brand-New Legend Skins for 2020
    • Rocker Volkov
    • Professor Vraxx
  • Returning Legend Skins
    • Greased Lightning Koji
    • Gridiron Xull
    • Ace Spiker Lin Fei
    • Headmaster Fait
    • First Day Asuri
    • Detention Ada
    • Kindergarten Kaya
  • Returning Back to School Items
    • Home Team Colors for all Legends
      • Available for 1,500 Gold or 10 Mammoth Coins each
    • Oodles of Doodles animated Avatar
      • Available for 60 Mammoth Coins
    • Brawlhalla 101 Avatar
      • Available for 6,000 Gold

The new event is also going to feature Bonus Gold per login along with a Back to Shool UI Takeover.

SteelSeries Championship

So what’s been happening in the Brawlhalla tournament scene? For North America, Sandstorm finally got the upper hand against Cody Travis for the first time. Over in Europe, Acno managed to get the top spot against Blew. Meanwhile in Australia, it’s still all about Kylar Alice. The same is true for Southeast Asia with Tiger continuing to reign in the top spot. Finally, for South America, there has been a battle when it came to who will dominate the region. This time around it was Fiend who took the top spot.

The Round-up

In addition to the new event, here are the other things happening in the game:

  • Legend Rotation
    • Free-to-play Legend roster has been increased to nine.
    • For this week the Legends in the rotation are:
      • Teros
      • Mordex
      • Ulgrim
      • Sidra
      • Asuri
      • Gnash
      • Dusk
      • Diana
      • Nix
  • Brawl of the Week: Platform Kings
    • Four-player FFA
    • Two minutes
    • Stay on the platform to gain points
    • Most points at the end wins.
  • Malhalla Offers
    • Follow apples for exclusive Back to School 2020 items.
    • Added these new items:
      • Raven Rogue Lucien and Steam Faction Scarlet
      • Butterscotch Sidekick
      • Smooth Moves Emote
    • New Avatars that include:
      • Bulgaria
      • The Bahamas
      • Albania
      • Egypt
      • Dominican Republic
      • South Korea
      • Transgender Pride
  • Jaeyun’s price lowered to 5400 Gold
  • Solidarity Emote
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