Brawlhalla Introduces Advanced AI With Patch 4.04

Prepare for some better AI.
Prepare for some better AI. Blue Mammoth games

Brawlhalla has released Patch 4.04 which introduces the new Advanced AI bots. With this, players can increase the difficulty of the bots to Extreme and Chosen in custom lobbies. This should give players an added challenge in order to improve their overall gameplay.

The new patch also offers new skins for Lucien and Scarlet, along with a new sidekick: Butterscotch the cat. In addition, there’s also the Smooth Moves Emotes and seven new Avatars.

Two New Difficulties

The new and challenging bots function as a hybrid Test Feature and Live Feature. What happens is that when the Test Features are on, the pre-existing difficulty settings like Easy. Medium, and Hard are going to use a new system which adds behaviors. In particular, it makes the bots more aware of how their attacks and recovery options work.

However, for the new difficulties of Extreme and Chosen, it makes use of the logic regardless of whether the Test Features are enabled. To make things more challenging, the Extreme difficulty adds Dashes and Throws. The Chosen difficulty also has these two and adds Gravity Cancels as well as Chase Dodges.

New Items

As mentioned, Patch 4.04 brings with it a lot of new items. There’s the Raven Rogue Lucien and Steam Faction Scarlet skins. Then there is also the Smooth Moves emote.

The new Butterscotch sidekick, meanwhile, has animated floating clouds and it brings the player back to the battlefield. There are also the new avatars which are:

  • Bulgaria
  • The Bahamas
  • Albania
  • Egypt
  • Dominican Republic
  • South Korea
  • Transgender Pride

Another bit of good news is that the free-to-play Legend roster has been increased to nine Legends. This should let players enjoy more Legends in the weekly rotation and give a chance to try more Legends.

That patch also lowered the price of Jaeyun to 5,400 Gold. Jaeyun was introduced in Patch 4.03 and is now a permanent part of the roster.

Bubble Tag

Ever wondered what it means to fight like the Crystal Gems? Well then this is the week for you as Brawl of the Week introduces Bubble Tag. This 3v3 team fight requires you and your team to capture opponents in Gem Bubbles by striking them. If any of your teammates are captured, you can free them by attacking or running into them. Even bubbled, players can still dash away from their enemies or to their teammates. The first team that reaches five points wins.

Learn everything Patch 4.04 has to offer here.

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