World of Tanks Celebrates Newest Album from Offspring

Pretty Fly!
Pretty Fly! Wargaming

Looks like Offspring is back in World of Tanks. This time they’re bringing something new in the form of a new album. Offspring has released “Let The Bad Times Roll,” its first album in nine years. This is not the first time the band has been part of the game. Offspring was the main attraction during the Wargaming Fest: Tanker Day back in 2019.

In celebration, World of Tanks is offering the U.S. TL-1 LPC Tier VIII Premium Medium tank that not only has the signature “Pretty Fly” 3D style but also crewed by the band members themselves. Then, there’s also The Offspring-themed "Turn it up!" 2D style as well as other customization elements related to the band.

Pretty Fly!

Since the band hails from California, the U.S. TL-1 LPC Tier VIII Premium medium tank has an American 3D style. The tank is versatile and equipped with an accurate and fast-firing gun. Other details of the tank are:

  • Just like your typical American tanks, this one has a solid bouncy turret.
    • This lets players take advantage of the terrain and easily ricochet enemy’s rounds.
  • ​The TL-1 LPC has well-sloped frontal armor which allows it to withstand some direct fire.
  • Players can rely on the accuracy and DPM of its well-balanced gun, even on the move.
    • This allows players to support their team as a proper flanker from the second line of fire.
  • ​Its alpha damage may not be the best for a tank in its tier. However, it has enough firepower to do some serious damage to enemies.
  • The tank’s maneuverability, combined with a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour, allows it to change flanks and take up important positions faster compared to other vehicles.

Meet the Crew

We did mention that the tank is going to be manned by the band members themselves:

  • Dexter Holland: Commander (Radio Operator)
  • Noodles: Gunner
  • Pete Parada: Driver
  • Todd Morse: Loader

Come Out and Play

As part of the celebration, “Turn It Up!” 2D style is available in the game. This particular style makes use of artworks by none other than Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada. Posada is known for his paintings of skulls and skeletons, which have been included in many of the band’s album covers. In particular, this style features:

  • An all-season camo
  • The band's iconic skull logo
  • The Offspring brand name inscription

Complementing this style is an extra set of Offspring-inspired customizations that include:

  • Ten (10) cool projection ecals
  • Two (2) awesome emblems
  • Two (2) band name Inscriptions

What are you waiting for? It’s time to “Come Out and Play!”

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