World of Tanks Introduces New Italian Tanks in First Update of 2021

New tanks are here.
New tanks are here. Wargaming

World of Tanks is starting the new year right with the introduction of a new update. Update 1.11.1 is bringing to the game a new sub-branch of Italian heavy tanks. Then there’s the improved Platoon system along with the usual changes to gameplay that comes with every update.

Bring in Italy

The latest addition to Italian heavy tanks is the Tier VII Carro d’assalto P.88, which comes with four vehicles, all having well-armored turrets, excellent gun depression angles, and even stylish exteriors. The top vehicle in this group is none other than the Tier X Rinoceronte.

The unique feature introduced with the new sub-branch is the improved auto-reloading mechanic. Generally, what happens is the first shell loads the slowest while the last one is the fastest. With this mechanic, the tank gets a bonus to the loading speed of the next shell to offset for the spent one. That means that the longer the shell is reloaded, the fewer remains before it's fully loaded, and therefore the greater the bonus.

Read about how the new tanks here.

Find Teammates Easily

The new update also introduces the new Platoon 2.0 system. This new feature is available for Random Battles and lets players find their buddies easily. Players can use this new system as well to immediately find players who fit their Platoon, who are scored based on different criteria:

  • Current Global World of Tanks Rating.
  • Number of available vehicles in the player’s preferred tiers.
  • Number of battles in each of the player’s selected tiers.
  • Voice chat enabled or disabled.
  • Clan members.

Learn more about this new system here.

Interface Improvements

There are two improvements done to the game’s interface. With this new update, the minimap now shows the Proximity spotting circle. This is the area where all vehicles are unconditionally spotted once they’re in a 50-meter radius. However, enemies can also spot players once in this zone.

The second big change is that damaged modules now have a repair time rather than a progress bar. This means players can now know when the module is repaired.

In a press release, World of Tanks Publishing Director Max Chuvalov reminded players that it was back in 2018 when the Italian tech tree was first introduced to the game. Since then, a lot of players have liked Italian tanks. Chuvalov added that with this update, players can look forward to a more exciting and diverse experience.

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