World of Tanks Console Brings You Some 80s Action in Season 3

Time for action.
Time for action. Wargaming

Season 3 of World of Tanks Console is here, and it’s bringing in a lot of action. It’s not just any action but 80s action. For those of you young enough to remember, or maybe weren’t born yet, the 80s were a time of the alpha male. That said, be prepared to meet the likes of Colonel James Braddock, Snake Plissken, and even John Rambo. Season 3 starts December 15 and lasts until January 26.

The Basics

All tankers are eligible to take part in this season. Get to earn Level points through multiplayer battles, and Daily and Weekly Challenges. The goal is to go through a total of 100 Levels and claim rewards along the way.

These 80s action heroes are going to be available at these levels:

  • Colonel James Braddock from Missing in Action (Level 27).
  • Snake Plissken from Escape from New York (Level 72).
  • John Rambo from First Blood (Level 90).

Players who reach Level 100 can earn the console-exclusive British Tier VIII HMH Huntsman Centurion Medium Tank. Those who complete Level 100 while the season is ongoing will get x2 XP Bonus in multiplayer battle until the season ends.

Hero Passes

Season 3 is going to offer players two upgrade passes. The first is the Season Pass, which is available for 2,000 Gold in the Store. It gives players rewards at each level and enough Gold to cover the Season Pass of the next season. Here are some of the rewards available with this Pass:

  • Exclusive Emblems (available at various Levels).
  • Rambo Commander – alternative portrait (available at Level 30).
  • Rambo Hero Skin for the Concept 1b Tank (Available at Level 39).
  • Snake Plissken Commander – alternative portrait (available at Level 58).
  • Snake Plissken Hero Skin for the Object 268 Version V Tank (Level 64).
  • American Tier IX Concept 1b Heavy Tank (available at Level 75).
  • James Braddock Commander – alternative portrait (available at Level 94).
  • Soviet Tier X Object 268 Version V Tank Destroyer (available at Level 100).

The second is the Ultimate Pass, available for 18,000 Gold in the Store. It has everything in the Season Pass along with 25 Levels automatically completed. This Pass also includes the Swedish Tier IX Strv K Heavy Tank, which has Colonel James Braddock as the Commander. It also offers the tank’s Braddock Hero Skin.

Learn more about Season 3 here.

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