World of Tanks Heads Off to Space in Newest Event

Reach for the stars.
Reach for the stars. Wargaming

Did you know that on April 12, it’s the 60th anniversary of the first-ever manned spaceflight? This was the day that cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space.

So what does a game like World of Tanks have to do with this historic moment? The game is launching to space to celebrate history. "To the Stars!" starts today and ends April 21.

This event offers players two simultaneous activities, which are:

  • Personal Progress
    • Finish special daily missions to earn a special event currency called Star Points.
    • Star Points can be used to unlock Star Levels.
      • The Levels are unlocked sequentially from the first to the fifth and not bound to any specific date.
      • Completing daily missions regularly directly affects their unlocking.
    • Unlocking each level brings valuable in-game items.
    • The main reward for reaching the last Star Level is Yuri Gagarin as a tank commander.
  • Common Progress
    • Consists of five stages with each one lasting 24 hours.
    • All Star Points received for finished missions are counted as the player’s contribution to the “Star Point vault.”
      • The progress of replenishing the “vault” is updated hourly.
    • Every stage tells a story about the life of Yuri Gagarin.
      • The more stages a player finishes, the more they learn about this historic figure.
  • ​Each Stage needs a certain amount of Star Points that players should earn together within the allocated time.
    • This determines whether the story continues and if players receive their rewards.
  • Once a player finishes five Stages of Common Progress, they can receive:
    • ×2 XP multiplier for each victory from April 12 to April 16.
    • ×5 XP multiplier for the first victory of the day in any vehicle from April 16 to 19.

Read more about the details of this event here.

In a press statement, the World of Tanks team revealed that players can go to a website made especially for this event. Here, they can learn more about Yuri Gagarin and the importance of his feat. The team also shared that for the story to be as accurate as it possibly could be, they worked with Galina Gagarina, Yuri’s daughter.

Talking about the World of Tanks event, Galina said that her father proved that humans could operate, and even live, in space. She added that she’s happy to know that this event may well preserve this historic moment for years to come.

Max Chuvalov over at World of Tanks, meanwhile, said that they are grateful for all the help and advice that Galina gave throughout this project.

What are you waiting for? Time to reach for the stars.

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