Vanguard ZERO Releasing On Mobile This April 9

Prepare for the fight of your life.
Prepare for the fight of your life. Bushiroad

Vanguard ZERO is all set to be launched on April 9 for mobile devices. It's going to be available for both Android and iOS. This game is based on the Cardfight!! Vangaurd TCG.

Vanguard ZERO is a free-to-play game with the usual in-app purchases. There are four sections in the game. The first part is Home where players can interact with the different characters and even challenge them to a cardfight. Then there is the Story Mode where players get to fight against different rivals. What makes this one exciting is that players should be able to see many familiar scenes and even make their way through a story mode.

This being based on a fighting game, there is the Fight Mode. Get to try many of the original Vanguard cardfights, though the rules have been optimized for the mobile experience. Players get to choose whether they go head-to-head against other players or CPU opponents.

Finally there is My Room. Players can create a room and then customize it not only with their favorite characters, but also their choice furnishings.

Vanguard ZERO Team announced that pre-registration is still ongoing. So far, 40,000 players have expressed interest in the game. This means each one now gets to receive 10 Booster Packs. If pre-registration hits 50,000, the reward is going to be 20 packs instead. Pre-registration is open until April 9. Vanguard ZERO is currently in its final testing phases with a soft launch for Singapore scheduled on March 26.

As mentioned, the game is based on a trading card game, and so far all the cards and characters revealed appear to come from the original anime series of the same name. The story focuses on the world known as Planet Cray where a card game known as Vanguard is played. The main character is Aichi Sendou, a third-year junior high school student who carries with him the Blaster Blade Vanguard card. He manages to make contact with the person who gave him the card and has started on his journey as a Vanguard Fighter.

While the game is set to be released for the mobile platform, a PC version is scheduled to be released as well. This PC version is going to be limited to Japan for now.

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