FIFA Mobile Launches Bundesliga Rivals Event

New event launched.
New event launched. EA

FIFA Mobile is introducing a new event with Bundesliga Rivals. It begins today, March 12, and ends on March 30. For each week during the duration of the event, players receive five Coin Packs which include 15 Bundesliga Energy for 150,000 coins. Then there are also the three ads per day which give three Bundesliga Energy per ad.

Going to the details of the event, the Main chapter has players use Bundesliga Energy and play a series of Skill Games and then pick between two matches to play. The more challenging of the two matches has players receive a reward. However, after playing the match, the series is reset to allow players to go through it again.

For Rivalries, there's going to be five in total which are:

  • Rheinderby
    • Unlocks March 12
  • Revierderby
    • Unlocks March 13
  • Frankenderby
    • Unlocks March 16
  • Nordderby
    • Unlocks March 18
  • Berliner Derby
    • Unlocks March 20

How it works is that each derby has two halves, with each side offering optional paths for resources or players. Players that manage to fully complete a path and claim all players associated with a single club get the chance to unlock a final match and play against the rival club. In order to play the match, players need to have an active lineup of 11 players from the club they represent and go against that same club's rival. Winning the match gives players the highest OVR player for the club they were representing.

Those that take part and earn players in Rivalries, along with claiming eight Bundesliga Rivals players from any of the Rivalry Clubs, get to unlock an extra Bundesliga Milestone Master player. Those who claim 20 Bundesliga Rivals players from the Rivalries have the chance to earn Prime Icon Lehmann.

It’s important to note that all players on the path for the Rivalries aren’t going to be auctionable until a new Content Update arrives, which could arrive April 1 at the earliest. However, the Bundesliga Milestone Masters and the Rivalry Match Player rewards are auctionable immediately.

Learn more about the new event here.

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