PUBG Mobile Brings Hardcore Mode Back To Arcade

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It's back!
It's back! Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile released update 0.17.0 which brings Hardcore Mode back to Arcade. This latest update also comes with new features along with improvements to the game's Classic Mode. The update also introduces new gameplay to everyone as the game is going to celebrate its second anniversary this month.

The return of Hardcore Mode has long been requested by players. In this mode, sound prompts have been removed while manual actions like picking objects up and opening doors are now required. No question that this should allow for a more realistic experience.

One new feature added to the game that players can look forward to is the Death Replay function. This feature allows players to watch their death from the point of view of the attacker. This had already been announced and is one of the new anti-cheat features being introduced to the game. Read more about that here.

Making the game even better and more inclusive is the Colorblind Mode. Players can go to the Graphics Setting and now have more choices in terms of color for in-game indicators like Auxiliary Lines, Poison, and Smoke. This should be helpful, particularly for players with color blindness.

For gameplay, there is the New Air Drop Weapon: the double-barreled pump-action shotgun or DBS. This weapon can only be found through Air Drop and is good for players who want to make the fight up close and personal. The DBS fires two shots per magazine and can hold a total of 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammo for each reload. Players can equip the DBS with the Holo Sight, Red Dot, and even 2x to 6x scopes.

Up close and personal.
Up close and personal. Tencent Games

There is also the Brothers In Arms System. In this one, players can register as Veteran or Rookie and then play together. With this new system, Veterans can help rookies learn more about the game and help them receive great rewards.

Meanwhile, the Universal Marks now allows for quick communication between players as they can mark locations, vehicles, supplies, death crates, and doors for teammates. Speaking of teams, added in the patch is the Teammate Volume Control that lets players adjust the voice volume of individual teammates in battle.

You can read the rest of the changes in the new update here.

Anniversary Celebration

PUBG Mobile was released worldwide last March 19, 2018. In celebration of its anniversary, the game is going to release the Royale Pass Season 12 with the theme of 2gether We Play. The Pass arrives on March 9. Players can expect a lot of new content that includes festive gear, challenges, and rewards.

Take a break and play games.
Take a break and play games. Tencent Games

In celebration of this upcoming anniversary, an Amusement Park Mode is arriving to the classic Erangel map starting on March 12. In this one, old school amusement parks are going to appear randomly in three locations on the map. These parks are going to have Arcade Machines that can be activated with Tokens. Games include the Hunt Game, Space War, What's in the Box, Shooting Range, Trampoline, and Reverse Bungee.

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