Sims Mobile Launches Modern Luxe Update

Time to upgrade your home.
Time to upgrade your home. EA

Sims Mobile released an update that introduces the latest Modern Luxe content. Compared to the usual updates this one is rather small, but continues to be significant as it gives players a way to make their homes more modern. There are also new features, events, and even an increase in the level cap.

Object Rotation

The Sims Mobile revealed that with the update, players can now experience the 45-degree rotate feature when in Build Mode. The default has been a 90-degree rotation, but this addition is sure to result in more creative designs. While the new feature does work on many of the objects, it doesn't include objects that are wall-snapped or wall-placed.

Level Cap

The level cap has been increased to 60 from 50. This means that there's 10 new levels for everyone to enjoy. The method of getting XP remains the same and players get rewards of five SimCash and 10 Luxe Life tickets from level 50 onwards.

New Events

The update also includes three new events. The first is the ‘Modern Luxe’ Sweet Treat Showdown which starts tomorrow, March 17. This 10-day event has a lot of rewards that are sure to make your homes even more contemporary. These include:

  • Grand Prizes
    • Floating fireplace
    • Water feature
    • Female hair
      • long large waves
    • Male hair
      • clean and parted
  • Royal Treat Box Rewards
    • Ceiling Light
    • Large chaise sofa
    • Outdoor reclining lounge
    • Modern double door with tall glass windows
  • Sweet Treat Box Rewards
    • Sculptural twisting floor light
    • Floor to ceiling window
    • Umbrella
    • Indoor pot plant
    • Oval coffee table

The second set of events are the Wumples Wishlist Quests. For this one, Wumples is vising The Sims Freeplay and is offering two seven-day Wishlist Quests. The first starts March 20 and lets players unlock the Kids soccer table light, rabbit painting and Fashion Gems. The second set of quests arrive on March 31 and includes the Ceramic rabbit, ceramic rooster and Fashion Gems as rewards.

Finally, there is the Easter ‘Spring Egg Hunt’ Event which hops into the game on April 8. All that players need to do is find all the eggs and complete all the tasks in order to get the ‘Bun Bun the Bunny’ toy.

Game Improvements

This being an update, these are the issues that have been improved:

  • Some save issues that result in a "Where's the Network?" error have been now fixed.
  • The development team however sad that they continue to find a way to fully resolve this issue.
  • The in-game camera now stays consistent after each round during the Sweet Treat Showdown events.
  • Plumbobs on Sim’s heads are now visible during nighttime.
  • ‘Nice 'n Cozy’ Sweater and ‘Kinesthetic Aesthetic Jacket’ now work with larger body types.
  • ‘Mads’ Multicolored Braid and ‘Tip-Top Hairstyle’ have had their visual issues cleaned up.
  • ‘Luxurious Hanging Lantern’ and Neon Juice light have visual effects again.
  • Fixed pink spa water in hot tubs.
  • ‘Goth Enough for Ya?’ Chandelier and ‘Luxo-Lattice’ Ceiling Lamp now position properly with high objects.
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