Tribes of Midgard: Epic Conclusion to Campaign Story Arc Now Live in Valhalla Saga Update

Valhalla Saga Update
Valhalla Saga Update Steam

After two years, the main campaign of Tribes of Midgard has finally come to a close in the Valhalla Saga update.

Prepare for Battle

Before you face the final Ancient in Tribes of Midgard, you must first defeat Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Surtr, and Hel in a Survival or Saga World. Every time you defeat one of the Ancients, watch and listen as the stones react to your journey. Head back to the Sanctuary after you’ve defeated all of them to gain access to a new area. After you’re transported to the new place, you will undergo a sequence of narrative events that culminates in an epic showdown against Gorgon, the final boss of the game.

After successfully vanquishing Gorgon, you’ll be treated to an animated cinematic ending. However, if you really want to see the “true ending” of Tribes of Midgard, enable the new Permadeath option for an extended version of this cinematic.

Stay Alive

Speaking of which, Permadeath is an option that you can toggle when you start a Solo or Multiplayer Survival World. As the name implies, there is no respawning when Permadeath is enabled, so if you die during your adventure, it’s game over!

When navigating the World list to find other people to play with, you’ll now see which Worlds have Permadeath enabled so that you’re aware before joining in.

Rewards Revamp

The game’s latest patch also overhauled how rewards are unlocked. Instead of Season XP, you will now earn Valhalla XP just by playing. You can increase your Valhalla level all the way to level 50. Each time you level up, you will get Golden Horns which you can exchange in the new rewards menu for items.

New Runes

  • Shock Trooper (Common): Reduce damage received from enemy Jars and Turrets by [50%].
  • Eye See You (Common): Increase Fog of War reveal by [25%].
  • Shooting Starfish (Common): [50%] chance to drop 1 Speed Orb after successfully fishing a Mysterious Ripple.
  • Mana-ger (Uncommon): Reduce Mana spent when casting Spells by a [low] amount.
  • Jarl Alpha (Uncommon): Increase HP of summoned allies by [50%].
  • Friendstone (Rare): Teleporting with your Waystone triggers a healing pool of [1,000] HP around you.
  • Eir Superiority (Rare): Increase effect duration of Eir Effigies by [75%].
  • Like a Valkyrie (Rare): Defeated enemies have a [15%] chance to summon 1 Unsunken ally to fight alongside you for a time.
  • Jet-Packed (Rare): Combo attacks have a 10% chance to trigger a geyser of lava that deals [high] fire damage.
  • ??? Rune (Legendary): Combo attacks have a [20%] chance to petrify an enemy, turning them to stone for a time. Increase Physical, Fire, Ice, Dark and Thunder damage by [40%].

Tribes of Midgard Valhalla Saga update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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