Tribes of Midgard: Season 3 Inferno Saga Now Live

Season 3: Inferno Saga
Season 3: Inferno Saga Steam

Season 3 for Tribes of Midgard is finally here. Dubbed Inferno Saga, players will get their hands full when fighting the new saga boss (now called the “Ancients”), Surtr. Along with the new boss, there are tons of new features, including a new weapon type and a new activity that players can engage in to gain valuable resources.

New Ancient

Volcanic Spire
Volcanic Spire Steam

The new Ancient, Surtr, resides in the molten landmass known as the Volcanic Spire. Players can take on the Saga Quest: Inferno questline to prepare themselves for the challenges that they will face as they ascend the spire.

Furthermore, Volcanic Outposts have emerged across every biome in Tribes of Midgard. Treasure chests will be available once they’re cleared out and contain things that are important in the fight against Surtr.

Volcanic Outposts
Volcanic Outposts Steam

The Spear

Players who want a melee weapon that allows them to defeat enemies a bit far away will love the new weapon type, the Spear. The Spear keeps the enemies at bay thanks to its considerable range. What’s more, players can craft the Villager Spear, which is a starter weapon that only requires wood to create, making it accessible in the early game.

Something to Pass the Time

Fishing is now possible in Tribes of Midgard by crafting some Fishing Rods. These rods can be used in rivers and open seas. Players who want to go fishing may look for mysterious ripples on the water.

Interacting with the ripples will start a time-sensitive mini-game where they have a chance to get some materials and recipes to create brand-new meals.

Combat Changes

The Season 3 patch introduces some combat updates as well. They are:

Changes to Invincibility Frames
  • Applied i-Frames when Evading to all Characters.
    • The Warrior’s Reckless Roll Blessing has been updated
Changes to Animation Canceling
  • Added Animation Canceling when Evading/Blocking
Changes to Mana Gains
  • Successfully blocking enemy attacks with a Shield will now reward additional Mana.
    • Guardians will synergize well with this change, as their Refused Judgment Blessing will allow them to gain even more Mana per Shield block.
  • You now earn a set amount of Mana per attack, regardless of how many enemies were struck in that attack.
Changes to Durability Loss
  • Similar to Mana Gains, your Weapon will now only lose a set amount of durability per attack, regardless of how many enemies were struck.
Combat Feel and Weapon Tuning
  • Slight increase to the camera shake and sense of weight from Attack SFX when landing a hit, adjusted per Weapon type.
    • Added the option in Settings to adjust camera shaking on a scale.

Tribes of Midgard Season 3: Inferno Saga is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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