Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga Update Lets Players Do Farming with Shovels and Essences

Witch Saga Update
Witch Saga Update Norsfell Games

Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga Update has plenty of new content to offer. Aside from the new ancient boss, you can do some light farming with new shovels and essences.

Basically, the idea here is that you can use the shovel tool to dig holes within your settlement. After doing so, you can plant things called essences which act as magical seeds. These can be acquired from anywhere around Midgard or as rewards for completing personal quests.

After planting essences, you will see a timer that tells you when you can harvest the crops. This is a good way to get ingredients, especially if you are looking to cook some of the new recipes introduced in the Witch Saga Update.

Speaking of which, there are five new meal recipes in Tribes of Midgard and they are:

  • New Meal: Mana Sashimi [Epic]
    • Provides an aura of Mana generation around you for a time. Chance to summon Unsunken allies when consuming.
  • New Meal: Speed Medley [Epic]
    • Provides an aura of Speed boost around you for a time. Chance to trigger a Heal in a radius around you when consuming.
  • New Meal: Shell Stew [Legendary]
    • Grant increased Armor for a time. Chance to trigger an aura of ice shield around you when consuming.
  • New Meal: Vitality BBQ [Legendary]
    • Provides an aura of Health regeneration around you for a time. Chance to trigger a secondary field of healing around you when consuming.
  • New Meal: Power Broth [Legendary]
    • Provides an aura of bonus Damage around you for a time. Chance to trigger a trail of fire in your wake when consuming.

In addition, this major content patch gives you the ability to engage with other people thanks to Cross-network Play. This feature allows you to connect with other players online on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Live.

When searching for other people in the lobby, you will find an icon beside their name that tells you which platform they’re using to play Tribes of Midgard.

You can find the other new features below:

Survival: Ancients Respawn and Grow Stronger
  • Learning from the Jötnar, defeated Ancients will now respawn after a while, coming back stronger each time.
Survival: Starter Kits
  • Starter Kits are now no longer exclusive to Saga Mode. Mix and match to create unique play styles as you start up your new Survival World!
Saga Mode: Dagný to the Rescue!
  • Dagný can now be upgraded with Souls like any other Villager. As she levels up her healing ability is improved, as well as her combat capabilities during a night defense.
Rune Sharing is Rune Caring
  • We’ve added the ability to now drop Runes from the Inventory, allowing players to share them amongst each other and facilitate combining effects.
  • New Sub-Tabs were added to the War/Storage Chests to accommodate this.

So, what can you say about the Witch Saga Update for Tribes of Midgard?

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