Tribes of Midgard: Mid-Saga Update Introduces Fenrir Variants and New Runes

Tribes of Midgard Mid-Season Update
Tribes of Midgard Mid-Season Update Steam

Tribes of Midgard, developed by Norsfell Games, is an action RPG that puts you in a fight against the giants and deadly spirits of Midgard. That said, the newly released Mid-Saga update brings plenty of new content, including new Fenrir Variants and runes.

Fenrir Variants

The developers are introducing the new Saga Boss Variant System in Tribes of Midgard. Basically, you will encounter two alternate types of the original boss at the end of your Saga quest.

This time around, you will have a 50/50 chance of encountering either the Wolfmancer Fenrir or Doomhowler Fenrir. You will have a pretty good idea which one you’re going to fight when you see their silhouette in the Myth Lair Entrance or the Arena.

You can also take on new Saga challenges where you will get rewards by defeating the Fenrir Variants at set times. There are also new daily and weekly challenges and completing them will reward you with extra Golden Horns and tons of XP.

New Runes

Finishing the new Saga challenges will give you a chance to unlock any of the new runes, except for one. They are:

  • Life Loot [Common]: Defeated enemies have a 20% chance to generate [1] orb that grants 200 HP.
  • Björn Aghast [Uncommon]: Reviving an ally triggers an explosion that deals [high] physical damage.
  • Making Waves [Uncommon]: Shielding for 3 seconds triggers a shockwave that deals [medium] physical damage.
  • Storm Chaser [Rare]: Combo attacks have a 5% chance to generate [1] magical orb that seeks out enemies, exploding for [medium] Thunder damage.
  • Bomb Voyage [Epic]: Combo attacks have a 10% chance to stick a timed bomb on an enemy that deals [medium] physical damage after a short delay.

Only the Making Waves rune can be unlocked using the Golden Horns in the shop.

Gameplay Changes

The devs have buffed all armor and shields, thereby mitigating more damage that you get from the enemy. This encompasses an armor’s defense rating, as well as any buffs that may strengthen or improve your defenses.

Besides that, some class blessings have been adjusted. For instance, the Ranger’s Ullr’s Step has its cooldown reduced and it can now stun.

There are quality-of-life changes as well. Anytime you or your teammates abandon a multiplayer game, loot will be deposited directly to the War Chest.

Also, an Accessories Tab has been added in the Customize menu, allowing you to set and save your favorite Starter Kits, Pets, and Loot Chests.

Balancing Changes

Folks at Norsfell Games really want to empower the community to try out as many builds and playstyles as they can. So, several rune effects have been buffed, especially those not strong enough before this update. Rune rarities have also been adjusted to make runes, such as the Demolition Viking, easier to get.

You can find out more about Tribes of Midgard’s Mid-Saga update, as well as the upcoming Valhalloween Event on the game’s official Steam page.

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