Tower of Fantasy: New Content Now Available with Update Version 2.2

Enjoy a lot of new content.
Enjoy a lot of new content. Hotta Studio

A new update arrives today in Tower of Fantasy which introduces a lot of new content. This is good news to all players and a great gift as the year winds down. One of the new features is Void Abyss, unlocked when the Wanderer is at Level 80 and has cleared the Void Rift. There is also the new team PvP gameplay called "The Critical Abyss."

Players should also be happy to know that the Mirroria District B/C is now unlocked, giving access to places like:

  • Mirramoon Street
  • Treasured Garden
  • Aquaria Palace
  • Coolyland
  • Entertainment Center
  • Tower of Tomorrow
  • Star Apartments
  • Mirafleur Hall Guest Room
  • Oasis Club

There are also a large number of interior scenes and interactive content available. With this, Wanderers can now experience different everyday interactions like settlement, amusement, racing, and audio-visual entertainment in Mirroria. Finally, there is the new spacerift in Mirroria, which is the Entertainment Center Balcony/Mirramoon Street.

Players can also enjoy these:

  • New Life Entertaining Gameplay
    • Fishing
    • Arcade Minigames
    • Fight the Landlord
    • Mahjong
    • Pet Feeding
  • New Equipment
    • Microreactor
  • ​new Storyline For The Research Mission

There are new events and activities as well, like the Winter Festival series events which you can read more here.


Like any game updates, Version 2.2 also features optimizations and bug fixes, such as:

  • Optimized instance difficulty
    • Spacetime Domain
    • Interstellar Exploration
    • Dimensional Trials
  • Optimized the world boss combat experience.
  • Optimized server lags.
  • Optimized the issue where players could not enter the game after the game loading progress reached 90%.
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing a web page on the PC may lead to crashesFixed the memory leaks found on some mobile devices.
  • Optimized Thai fonts and fixed the problem of overlapping superscripts of some fonts.
  • Fixed the text-overflow issue on the screens of Settings, Weapons, Simulacra, Mounts, and Relics.
  • Fixed the missing translation of some mission dialogues in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Thai.
  • Supplemented the missing English, Japanese, and Portuguese dubbing of mission dialogues.
  • Optimized the translation of some mission dialogues.
  • Optimized abnormal codes revealed by text formatting changes.
  • Updated the Special Order page.

Tower of Fantasy is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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