Tower of Fantasy: Learn More About the World through Exploration

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Exploration is one of the things players can do in open-world RPG titles. There's a lot of that in the ongoing closed beta test for Tower of Fantasy.

Before we go into what the game offers, let's take a quick detour and learn the story. Tower of Fantasy tells the story of humans that colonized a planet called Aida. Here, they learned about the comet Mara and how it has an energy known as Omnium. To harvest this mysterious yet potent resource, humans built the Tower of Fantasy.

This greed would later lead into a calamity where the resulting Omnium radiation and temporal rift almost destroyed the whole civilization. Some survivors formed Hykros and created suppressors to fight the radiation. This allowed humans to stay alive and continue to use Omnium. On the other side of the coin, the Heirs of Aida see themselves as saviors and have blamed Omnium for every disaster. So, they are against Hykros and what it stands for.

Exploring the World

With that out of the way, one of the things players can expect in exploring Tower of Fantasy is the Questlines. Players need to follow the yellow-marked questlines to move the main storyline forward. There are also the blue-marked side quests that players can receive along the way. The main quest is time-gated, which means no rewards to receive when speed running through the storyline. To fully experience every aspect of the game, players are suggested to finish all quests.

Besides exploring, players can also do some cooking. Across Aida, different ingredients can be collected and used in pre-made and customizable recipes. These recipes give players special stats that can help in completing quests.

There are also two locations that may be of interest, which are:

  • Cetus Island
    • This zone is very difficult to reach, and players need to carefully climb to the top.
    • The island features different carnival rides and is a good spot for those in-game photo ops.
    • Players who find it hard to climb can advance the main quest and board the hot air balloon.
  • Soccer
    • This soccer field is hidden on the map at these coordinates: (- 462,771).

The closed beta test, which ends May 20, also features a multiplayer option, and you can read more about it here. Tower of Fantasy is set to be released on PC and mobile later this year.

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