Tower of Fantasy Now Accepting Pre-Registrations

Excited for the rewards?
Excited for the rewards? Hotta Studio

The open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy is now accepting pre-registrations. The game is set to be released in the third quarter of this year.

It's arriving on Android and iOS, and those interested in the game can pre-register here. It's also launching on PC and players can wishlist it on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

Game Features

Tower of Fantasy offers a sci-fi experience combined with an anime-inspired art style. It's set hundreds of years in the future on the planet of Aida. Key features of the game include:

  • The game's in-depth character creation system allows players to customize their main character to look like themselves, or someone completely different. That means the limit is only the player’s imagination.
  • ​The game allows players to explore the world of Aida, fight through Ruins, and conquer world bosses
  • Players can choose to play solo or with friends. Players can create or join parties through the world channel.
  • ​Multiplayer Boss Battles. Players can tackle difficult world bosses by linking up with fellow wanderers to fight together.
  • ​Explore a vast and sci-fi-themed open-world and discover the unique backstories of the characters. Learn different weapons and playstyles.
  • ​Fight in battles on an epic scale through diverse and exciting combats.
  • Players can explore and interact with a vibrant world as they embark on their journey.

Pre-Registration Offers

Like most games offering pre-registration, Tower of Fantasy has different levels of rewards that can be unlocked based on the number of pre-registered users. So the more people who pre-register, the more cool rewards are available. The pre-registration rewards are:

  • 500,000 players
    • Astra Frame x1
    • Black Nucleus X2
    • Wholegrain Bread X10
    • Gold x2888
  • 1 million players
    • Limited Title x1
    • Black Nucleus X3
    • Fried Chicken X10
    • Weapon Battery III X4
  • 1.5 million players
    • Gold Nucleus X3
    • Avatar: Zeke x1
    • Sizzling Meat X10
    • Gold x3888
  • 2 million players
    • Jetpack Paint: Orion x1
    • Gold Nucleus X3
    • Crispy Grilled Fish x10
    • Weapon battery III X4
  • 2.5 million players
    • Outfit: Star Sand X1
    • Gold Nucleus X4
    • Nut Tea X10
    • Gold X6888

What are you waiting for? Pre-register for the game now. Learn more about Tower of Fantasy here.

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