Tower of Fantasy: Check Out the New Character Trailer

Meet the cast.
Meet the cast. Hotta Studio

It was in April when Tower of Fantasy was first revealed to be getting a worldwide release. Since then, we’ve looked at the different aspects of the game, like the multiplayer feature. This time, we saw the characters through the newly released character trailer.

This new trailer highlights the unique weapons and movesets of each playable character. We can even see the artistic character designs as they move throughout the game. Before we learn more about the characters, you can watch the trailer below:

The characters featured in the trailer include:

  • Meryl
    • This senior Hykros executor excels at S-level missions through her sword and combat skills.
    • She has a cool approach, so it’s difficult to know what’s really on her mind.
  • Shiro
    • Known as a lone-wolf ocean maniac, Shiro is passionate about studying the ocean and its features.
    • Shiro has been traveling alone and studying the ocean distribution for several years and has contributed significantly to the understanding of Aida.
  • Samir
    • A Hykros executor that acts independently and loves to play harmless tricks on others.
    • She is quite liked, especially among the elite executors.
  • King
    • He is used to solving problems and getting what he wants with the use of violence.
    • King is completely motivated by money.
    • His personality can be seen in his brash attitude and flamboyant clothes.
  • Crow
    • He has an optimistic and happy nature, which means no fun things escape his reach.
    • He can show some mesmerizing dagger tricks and his precious dagger collection.
    • He can even spit out a lame joke at a moment's notice.
  • Zero
    • A computer genius who deliberately and effectively destroyed all records of his real name and past.
    • He is smart and very competitive.
    • He ignores anything he sees as meaningless to him.
  • ​Cocoritter
    • She offers unconditional trust in everyone she meets, which can lead to concern.
    • She does have the determination to save more people with her healing talents.
  • Nemesis
    • Shirli became the Angel of Clemency known as Nemesis due to modifications performed by the Heirs of Aida.
    • She is a merciless killing machine when under the Heirs’ mind control.

What did you think of the characters? Tower of Fantasy is launching on Android, iOS, and PC.

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