Tower of Fantasy: Learn More About the Multiplayer Feature

Work with the team.
Work with the team. Hotta Studio

The closed beta testing for Tower of Fantasy is ongoing until May 20. So, there’s still time to join and experience what this upcoming action RPG has to offer.

One of the things that players can do during the CBT is try the multiplayer feature. The game allows players to team up a party with a maximum of four members. With this, exploring the world of Aida won’t be as difficult to conquer.

Creating Teams

Teams are better when taking on bosses than solo. There are two ways to build a team. The first is to invite other players to your team. After finding the world boss, create a team and agree to “automatically enter the team.” This can be set up through “team settings.” Once a team is formed, players can use the chat window or the world channel to invite everyone to the fight.

The second method is to join teams through chat. Check the world chat channel and look for those calling for a boss fight. Just click the avatar of that party to enter the team.

Team Fights

Since players need to form a team to fight bosses, it’s important to remember a few things. For one, the team should have an optimal weapon combination. That means teams need to have a Shield as well as Support. The Shield can take on the aggro while the Support can heal teammates.

Speaking of healing, when a teammate is attacked and has insufficient HP, a green circle will appear on their head, indicating that they can now be rescued. If a player has been targeted by the boss, they must lead the monster in the opposite direction and give Support the chance to heal, and possibly revive, downed teammates.

Finally, there is the matter of boss health. Once the fight starts, the boss activates its shield, which has five layers. Then under the health bar is a MAX symbol which shows the accumulated energy. If the shield isn’t broken in time, the boss releases its ultimate move when the MAX energy is full. To break shields, players have to use thunder-type weapons.

Learn more about the game here. Tower of Fantasy is set to be released later this year on PC, Android, and iOS.

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