Tower of Fantasy Invites Everyone to the Winter Festival

Time for winter fun.
Time for winter fun. Hotta Studio

It's the holidays and in Tower of Fantasy, everyone gets to celebrate it with a bunch of in-game events now available. One of these is the Winter Festival from December 24 to January 11. During this event period, players can access three limited-time events where they get Festival Coins and exchange them for limited rewards.

The limited-time events are:

  • Float Parade
    • Eligibility
      • Level 16
    • Event Rules
      • Every day at certain times Wanderers can go to Mirrioria and watch the float parade.
      • The float parade lasts for 30 minutes and during the march, gift boxes are going to be dropped.
      • Pick up the gift box to get Festival Coins and random rewards.
      • Gift box rewards can be obtained 10 times a day.
  • Creature Clash
    • Eligibility
      • Complete the main story "Ecological Station Intruders" to unlock the Rewards page.
      • Select any target from the provided creature list to develop.
      • Some of the creatures need to be unlocked first before they can be developed.
      • The required currency for development can be obtained from the Overworld chip boxes and Bounty Missions.
      • The development level of different creatures' stats can be carried over to each other.
      • Wanderers can freely switch between creatures but cannot change the stats that have already been enhanced.
    • Battles Rules
      • Search for an opponent Wanderer by matching, then challenge their creature.
      • Win the battle by defeating the opponent's creature first or by waiting until they are defeated.
      • Players can obtain a certain amount of Festival Coins regardless of the battle's outcome.
  • Bullet Time
    • Eligibility
      • Complete the main story "Ecological Station Intruders" to unlock the Rewards page.
    • Event rules
      • Consume 800 copper blooms to match the competition.
      • Event weapons and relics are updated at intervals which can be used to attack other Wanderers.
      • Attacking others results in obtaining copper blooms.
      • When attacked, copper blooms are deducted.
      • Players can fail the game when their copper bloom reaches zero.
      • After the end of a single round, players get Festival Coins as reward according to the ranking.
      • Players get to keep the copper blooms they have in the event.

For those wondering, Festival Coins are the unified event currency and the three limited-time events mentioned have a shared cap. On the first day, for example, players can get a maximum of 1,000 coins. That cap increases by 1,000 every day for up to 19,000.

Players can then go to the Event Store and use the Festival Coins to redeem rewards.

In addition to what’s already been mentioned, there are other events currently live and you can learn more about them at the official site. You can also read more about the new content arriving through Update Version 2.2 here.

Tower of Fantasy is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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