These Doomed Isles Closed Alpha Begins February 10

Get ready to build your civilization.
Get ready to build your civilization. Triplevision Games Limited

For those who want to try out the survival city-builder These Doomed Isles, it's going to be playable courtesy of the closed alpha. It's set to give everyone a first look at the new features of the game like the new prayer-based victory system and introduction of boss fights. The closed alpha starts February 10 until February 17.

To be part of the closed alpha, just head over to the official Discord channel of the game. Those who do before February 10 are guaranteed a place. Those able to join Discord should get a key on February 10 which they can then use to download the closed alpha and provide feedback.

In a statement, Andrew Stewart of Triplevision Games revealed that the early reaction to the game from content creators was truly amazing. As such, he added that he's excited for more people to experience the game with the closed alpha. He went on to say that he's encouraging as many people as possible to join.

These Doomed Isles is a survival city-builder that offers roguelike deck-building mechanics. Players get to harvest cards and raise land from the sea. After that, they build settlements for followers and rain fire upon waves of invaders. Choose from three gods, each having unique cards, playstyles, and abilities to lead the civilization to victory.

Features of the game include:

  • Raise Islands
    • In this survival city-builder, you are a god who needs to build and defend island settlements.
    • Use your powers to harvest resources, provide shelter for your followers, and protect your settlement from attacks, plague, starvation, to name a few.
    • Place land to expand but keep a lookout for what lurks beyond the horizon.
  • Create Life
    • Craft a deck of cards to create land and place forests, rivers, mountains, and more.
    • Bring the world to life with powerful cards, relics, and miracles.
  • Build Your Settlement
    • Build homes for your followers.
    • Carefully manage their requirements and give them the tools they need to exploit the environment you've created.
  • Harvest Cards
    • Harvest cards to craft the deck you want.
    • Manage the cards in the deck to ensure you can thrive until the next harvest.
  • Survive
    • Face increasing challenges as natural disasters scar your land and waves of raiders and mythical sea monsters attack from beyond the horizon.

These Doomed Isles is arriving in the second quarter of 2023 and you can now wishlist the game on Steam.

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