Kingshunt Closed Alpha Coming To PC On October 23

Join the fight.
Join the fight. Vaki Games

Kingshunt is all set to launch a Closed Alpha on October 23. This team-based third-person combat game offers the best, and what could be the most ruthless, features of tower defense combat and combines it with the tactical aspect of real-time strategy games.

Developer Vaki Games recently released a gameplay trailer which you can view below:

In Kingshunt, players take part in 5v5 matches with one group serving as the Defenders and consisting of the forces of Lights. The other team then becomes the Attackers and is composed of the forces of Undead. For Kingshunt itself, there’s going to be two phases that come with changing objectives.

Overall, features of the game so far revealed include:

  • Strategic and deliberate combat in asymmetrical 5v5 ‘Guardian Assault’ mode.
  • Play a variety of characters who make use of their unique mastery of skills and abilities to suit multiple playstyles.
  • Study arcane abilities to create devastating attacks.
  • A wide selection of Utilities – Unlock game-changing utilities for both sides that allow players to build and destroy their way to victory.

In a post, Vaki Games CEO and Founder Teemu Jyrkinen said that when they started developing Kingshunt, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. In fact, the core development team was composed of just ten people that developed the game over a period of four years. Jyrkinen added that there is no doubt the success of the game is due to the dedication and hard work of the team. He went on to say that “when you surround yourself with passionate people, like so many in our community and those in our studio, you make the journey one worth taking.”

According to Vaki Games, Kingshunt was designed to be brawler mixed with a hero shooter. In addition, the game combines ranged and melee combat that offers strategic depth as players spawn AI minions in order to be able to rule the battlefield. Making the game even more unique is the RTS feel to it.

Those who are interested to join the Closed Alpha can register here. Kingshunt is set to be released for PC and consoles in 2021.

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