The Terminator Drops by War Planet Online in Special Crossover Event

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War Planet Online is holding a special crossover event with characters and items from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is in celebration of the iconic film’s 30th Anniversary. The limited-time event started yesterday and runs until December 7.

During the event, players get to partner with none other than Sarah Connor. She’s going to serve as the players’ adviser through the special Terminator-themed content. Players also take on a story-driven Chain Event beginning October 21 until November 1. This time, players join Sarah Connor in the fight against Skynet and Judgment Day. Players go through missions where victory helps them unlock limited-edition Terminator prizes like the T-800, T-1000, and Sarah Connor avatars.

This crossover event also introduces the Terminator PvE Renegade season. This is a story-driven event where Terminator Renegades have invaded War Planet Online. Here, players battle against T-800 bosses and four special Skynet war machines. Completing these challenges gives exciting rewards like Terminator items and materials.

The event also has a special Metal Havoc Terminator mini-game where the #WPOARMY gathers post-battle debris spread across the world map. The debris can then be exchanged with the Terminator Trader to get rewards.

There are also crafting features where players can get Liquid Metal crafting material and the Doomsday Crafting Set. The latter gives cybernetic gear to all players and includes a commander offensive weaponry.

Finally, everyone who installs the game and logs in from October 19 to November 1 enters the draw for 1 of 10 official T-800 Terminator Skull Boxes, which is part of the WPO x Terminator 2 Giveaway.

In a statement, War Planet Online Game Manager Ivomir Stevasarev shared that this is truly an exciting crossover. He added that this has been one of the biggest content updates introduced to the game. Stevasarev went on to say that in addition to the crossover event, there’s also a major expansion available.

For those wondering, this crossover was made possible through a deal made by Gameloft with StudioCanal.

War Planet Online is available on Android and iOS.

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