The Walking Dead Returns to Brawlhalla in New Crossover Event

Look who's returning.
Look who's returning. YouTube/Brawlhalla

The Walking Dead makes a return to Brawlhalla in a new crossover event. This time around, players can expect Negan Smith and Maggie Rhee. The two bring with them custom Signature effects, Weapon Skins, unique lock-in animations, and even dedicated Roster spots.

In celebration of this new crossover event, everyone can enjoy the daily login bonus of 250 Gold. Players can also enjoy a new main menu splash art that features Negan and Maggie.

The first time The Walking Dead came to visit was in October of last year. Back then, everyone met Rick Grimes, Michonne Hawthorne, and Daryl Dixon. This new crossover brings the three back to the game. The new crossover also brings back Walker Attack as Brawl of the Week. Read more about the first crossover event here.

Meet the Legends

Here are the new and returning Legends:

  • Negan Epic Crossover (New)
    • Mirrors the abilities of Jaeyun
    • Weapons
      • Lucille (Baseball bat)
      • Crowbar
  • Maggie Epic Crossover (New)
    • Mirrors the abilities of Jhala
    • Weapons
      • Machete
      • A Sign from Above (Axe)
  • Rick Epic Crossover (Returning)
    • Mirrors the abilities of Barraza
    • Weapons
      • Rick’s Hatchet
      • Revolvers
  • Michonne Epic Crossover (Returning)
    • Mirrors the abilities of Koji
    • Weapons
      • Michonne’s Katana
      • Kingdom Bow
  • Daryl Epic Crossover (Returning)
    • Mirrors the abilities of Koji
    • Weapons
      • New Best Friend (Bow)
      • Dual Hunting Knives

New Content

Here are the other things that players can expect from this new crossover:

  • KO Effect: Walker’s Grasp
    • “There’s nowhere to run!”
    • Pummel opponents into a slew of walker hands and debris with this new KO Effect.
  • Podium: Days Gone Bye
    • “We can’t hold them!”
    • Have your Legend stand on top to fend off the walker horde.
    • This animated Podium features grasping walker hands, a heavy machine gun, and lock-in sound effects.

Brawl of the Week

As mentioned, Walker Attack is back to test players if they have what it takes to survive the walker onslaught. There are going to be a lot of walker opponents becoming harder and smarter as time passes. Just remember that the longer the fight lasts, the more walkers appear.

Earn points by getting KOs and the one with the most points wins. Read all about this week's update here.

Brawlhalla is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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