Smite Enters Upside Down with Stranger Things Crossover

The upside-down is here.
The upside-down is here. Titan Forge Games

The fight in the Battleground of the Gods just became even more exciting with the start of a new crossover. Prepare to welcome in Smite none other than the world of Stranger Things. This is sure to be an experience of upside-down proportions.

To access the new content, players need to buy the Stranger Things Battle Pass (750 Gems) or the Stranger Things Battle Pass Plus (1,350 Gems).

Here are some of the items that players with the Battle Pass can enjoy:

  • Paid Track Items
    • Hopper Apollo Skin
    • Waffle Avatar
    • Hopper Announcer Pack
    • The Upside Down Loading Frame
    • The Upside Down Pedestal
    • The Demogorgon Bakasura Skin
    • The Mind Flayer Loading Screen
    • The Demogorgon Death Stamp
    • The Mini Demogorgon Ward
    • Nat 20 Global Emote
    • The Mindflayer Sylvanus Skin
    • Eleven Avatar
    • Waffle Ward
    • Neon Poster Level Up
    • Portal Entrance Jump Stamp
    • Hopper Avatar
    • Eleven Scylla Skin
  • Prestige Track Items
    • The Mindflayer Avatar
    • Ahoy! Avatar
    • Hopper Loading Screen
    • The Upside Down Avatar
    • Hopper, P.I. Apollo Skin
    • Eleven Loading Screen
    • Camp Know Where Cap Avatar
    • Baby Demogorgon Avatar
    • Starcourt Mall Avatar
    • The Demogorgon Loading Screen
    • Starcourt Eleven Scylla Skin

For those not interested in spending anything, not to worry. There are also free items available which are:

  • The Demogorgon Avatar
  • RUN! Global Emote
  • Eleven Announcer Pack
  • The Mindflayer Title
  • Cutesy Avatar Chest
  • Battle Emote Chests
  • Battle Cosmetic Chest
  • Battle Avatar Chests
  • Boosters

MidSeason Update

The new crossover arrives with the 8.7 MidSeason Update which introduces some interesting additions and changes to the game.

One example is the Ocean’s Fury Conquest Update. In this one, Tiamat has summoned a storm which resulted in a tidal wave washing over the regions that lie between Babylon and Olympus. The skies later cleared but its effect on the map is apparent.

These are additional map changes resulting from the event mentioned:

  • Duo lane has a new side jungle area on the outside of the lane.
    • This is a result of the landmark being washed away by the wave.
  • ​The pathing of the duo lane Alpha Harpies has been adjusted.
    • They’re now split into two Alpha Harpy spawns, with each one favoring each team.
  • ​Solo lane has a new XP camp area.
    • This is marked by a wrecked ship on the environment.
  • ​Back harpy location on the Red Buff side is adjusted to make room for a new camp.
  • The map's lighting has been returned to that state it was in 8.1.
  • Various sea life, puddles, and damage are scattered across the map.
  • Vine Walls have been removed.

Read the complete patch notes here.

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