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Power Moon Locations Mushroom Kingdom
The Mushroom Kingdom is the final stop on your journey. NINTENDO

After defeating Bowser in the Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario will take the Odyssey with Princess Peach back to their homeworld of the Mushroom Kingdom.

There are 43 Power Moons to find in this Kingdom with a lot more to win after speaking with the Archivist Toadette inside the castle. There’s a lot of nods to past Mario games and you’ll even find a special friend that you’ll need to complete some of these Power Moon objectives.

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Power Moon #1 - Perched on the Castle Roof

You’ll notice Peach’s castle when you land in the Mushroom Kingdom. Climb the castle from the west side. Find the scarecrow on the roof and activate it to reveal a large staircase. Climb the staircase before time runs out to grab the Power Moon.

Power Moon #2 - Pops Out of the Tail

Head over to the stream near the Talkatoo to find a tree with a branch that looks a lot like a Tanooki tail. Toss and hold Cappy there to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #3 - Caught Hopping at Peach’s Castle!

In the northeast area of the Kingdom you’ll find a garden. You’ll also find that dastardly white rabbit you’ve come across in each of the other kingdoms. Run after it and catch it to grab yourself a Power Moon.

Power Moon #4 - Gardening for Toad: Garden Seed

There are four empty flowerpots in the northeast region of the Mushroom Kingdom tended by a Toad. However, you’ll need to find the seeds to plant them in the empty pots.

The first seed is not far from the Toad in this area, in a small valley to the west. Take the seed to the pot and give it time to grow and get your Power Moon.

Power Moon #5 - Gardening for Toad: Field Seed

South of the garden, near the Odyssey, there is a seed near some flowers and chipmunks. It’s not that hard to find. Just bring it back to the pots and plant it to grab your Power Moon when it eventually blooms.

Power Moon #6 - Gardening for Toad: Pasture Seed

South of the sheep herder’s pen you’ll find the third seed near a tree all by its lonesome. Bring it back to the pots and receive your Power Moon when it blossoms.

Power Moon #7 - Gardening for Toad: Lake Seed

Find Dorrie in the Mushroom Pond and swim underneath him where you’ll find the final seed on the seafloor. Swim with it to the surface and bring it to the pots to grab your new Power Moon.

Power Moon #8 - Grow a Flower Garden

In the northeast corner of the Kingdom you’ll find a double circle of flowers. Get in the center and do a hat spin to make them all blossom at the same time and win a Power Moon.

Power Moon #9 - Mushroom Kingdom Timer Challenge

Northeast of the Goomba Woods you’ll find a scarecrow. Activate it and roll down the hill towards the Power Moon at the other end of the woods.

Power Moon #10 - Found at Peach’s Castle! Good Dog!

Near the Odyssey you may find the Shibe you’ve encountered in the Sand and Seaside Kingdoms. Lead the dog around the kingdom and he’lluncover a Power Moon in the southeast portion of the area on a small hill overlooking the Odyssey.

Power Moon #11 - Taking Notes: Around the Well

On the West side, you’ll find a large well and an 8-bit pipe. Enter the pipe and grab the Treble Clef to start a music note time challenge. Run around the base of the well grabbing each note and quickly turn around when you’re finished to head back to the entrance. Leave the pipe and collect all of the notes that appear. Get everything before time runs out to win a Power Moon.

Power Moon #12 - Herding Sheep at Peach’s Castle

In the West quadrant of the Mushroom Kingdom you’ll find a Toad that has lost his sheep. There are six sheep to find and bring back to Toad’s pen. Here are the six locations:

By Mushroom Pond

Next to the 8-bit well from #11

East side of Goomba Woods

West side of Goomba Woods

On the east side of the Kingdom

Next to the Odyssey by the warp painting on the ground

Power Moon #13 - Gobbling Fruit with Yoshi

You can find Yoshi at the top of Peach’s Castle. Capture him and explore the kingdom eating fruits along the way. Eat 10 fruits and you’ll be rewarded with a Power Moon.

Power Moon #14 - Yoshi’s Second Helping!

Like #13, you’ll need to have Yoshi eat 20 fruits to get another Power Moon. Keep exploring the kingdom grabbing fruits from treetops and out in the open.

Power Moon #15 - Yoshi’s All Filled Up!

You can probably guess how to get this Power Moon. Have Yoshi eat 30 fruits.

Power Moon #16 - Love at Peach’s Castle

You’ll need to bring a Goomba and a Goombette together, but this Goombette is hanging out on a ledge by the moat. wYou can’t reach it using a Goomba, so to drain the moat dive underwater and find the four pegs stuck around the castle on the seafloor. Use Cappy to dislodge them.

Next, head over to the woods where the Goomba are and begin to stack them. Walk over to the Goombette and grab a Power Moon.

Power Moon #17 - Toad Defender

Between Peach’s Castle and the Goomba Woods you’ll find  a Toad guarding a Power Moon tucked away under a hill. Head over to the Woods and capture a stack of Goomba and walk over to him. Toad will move out of fear, allowing Mario to grab the Power Moon.

Power Moon #18 - Forever Onward, Captain Toad!

This one is easy, head over to Crazy Cap’s and climb to the top of the building where you’ll find Captain Toad. Speak with him and he’ll give you a Power Moon for your trouble.

Power Moon #19 - Jammin’ in the Mushroom Kingdom

Find the Toad near the fountain listening to music on his headphones. Play him any “8-bit” song from your Music List and he’ll give you a Power Moon.

Power Moon #20 - Shopping Near Peach’s Castle

Purchase the Power Moon at Crazy Cap’s for 100 gold coins.

Power Moon #21 - Mushroom Kingdom Regular Cup

Talk to the Koopa near Mushroom Pond to initiate the race. The race goes across dunes and hills but is also lined with Rocket Flowers. To win this race, grab the flowers and jet toward the finish line, picking up more as you go along.

Power Moon #22 - Mushroom Kingdom Master Cup

This is the same course as #21 but the Golden Koopa makes this race a little tougher. The strategy is the same, grabbing Rocket Flowers to make you go faster and replenishing them as you race.

Power Moon #23 - Picture Match: Basically Mario

Toward the north of the Kingdom you’ll find a mini-rocket that will lead you to a new level. Like in the Cloud Kingdom, you’ll need to rebuild the face by taking facial features and putting them in the right place. You’ll have to construct Mario and get a score of at least 60 points to get the Power Moon.

Power Moon #24 - Picture Match: A Stellar Mario!

After completing #23, you can do the challenge over again but this time you’ll need to get a score of at least 80 points. To make this more challenging, not only are Mario’s facial features gone but so is his hat, hair and head.

Power Moon #25 - Light from the Ceiling

Inside Peach’s Castle, stand on the sun symbol and look up at the middle of the dome above to have a Power Moon appear.

Power Moon #26 - Loose-Tile Trackdown

Inside Peach’s Castle, talk to Archivist Toadette and go back to the left of the main staircase on the first floor. You’ll see a slightly raised section of the checkered ground. Ground pound this to reveal a number, which means there’s a sequence you must follow to get a Power Moon.

There are 8 slightly raised sections in the castle. Ground pound these in order to get the Power Moon:

1 First floor, left of central stairs

2 First floor, left of central stairs

3 Upstairs, right from throne

4 First floor, right of central stairs

5 First floor, left of central stairs

6 Upstairs, left from throne

7 First floor, right of central stairs

8 Near throne

Power Moon #27 - Totally Classic

North of Peach’s Castle will be a Toad guarding a locked door. Purchase and put on the Mario 64 outfit from Crazy Cap’s (35 purple coins) and speak with this Toad. He’ll unlock the door and you can enter the room. Toss Cappy onto the point of the fountain to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #28 - Courtyard Chest Trap

In the same room as #27 is another Power Moon. A quick tip will appear on the screen showing eight treasure chests in the area and the order you need to open them. Do this correctly to get a Power Moon. If you don’t, undead Chinchos will appear and you’ll have to defeat them all before it resets.

mushroom power moon map
The location and order you need to open the treasure chests Photo: Nintendo

Power Moon #29 - Yoshi’s Feast in the Sea of Clouds

Southwest of Toad’s garden will be a pipe sticking out from the side of a hill. It’s clogged with fruit so you’ll need to capture Yoshi to move them out of the way. Enter the room with Yoshi to start a new challenge level. In this level you’ll need to use Yoshi’s flutter jumps to get over platforms that are slightly obscured by clouds. Jump from the platforms, avoiding the Maw Rays along the way, to reach the Power Moon.

Power Moon #30 - Sunken Star in the Sea of Clouds

In the same area as #29, there’s a Power Moon near the entrance of the level. On the starting platform, where the two-fruit dropoff is, you can step off the ledge and reach the platform underneath the cloudtop. Keep moving forward to find the Power Moon.

Power Moon #31 - Secret 2D Treasure

Near Power Moon #11, you’ll find a well that transports you to an 8-bit level. Make your way through the platforms that shift from 2D to 3D, avoid the Bullet Bills and grab the Power Moon at the end.

Power Moon #32 - 2D Boost from Bullet Bill

Inside the same area as #31, a Power Moon is in plain sight in the middle of the Bullet Bill section. The Power Moon is high above anyplace Mario can reach by normal jumping, but is easily grabbed by jumping on top of a nearby Bullet Bill, bouncing high off the stomped bullet to touch the moon.  

Power Moon #33 - Tussle in Tostarena: Rematch!

Throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll notice standalone towers near Peach’s castle. Each tower holds a boss from other Kingdoms that you’ll have to defeat again. The first one is the central most tower and is rather easy to access. In it, you’ll have to face off against Knucklotec.

Like the first bout, avoid his flying fists and the undead Chinchos that appear. Wait until Knucklotec slams his fist on the ground (leaving him stunned) for you to capture it and smash the boss’s face.

Power Moon #34  - Struggle in Steam Gardens: Rematch

The second boss tower is located on the top of a high dirt tower. To access it, you’ll need to find a large seed in the Goomba Woods. Bring it back to this tower and plant it in a large pipe base on the ground.  A vine sprouts that will take you up to the tower.

Enter the tower to face off against Torkdrift again. Capture the Uproot to use its long legs to avoid the blasts and to destroy the blocks that appear.

Power Moon #35 - Dust-Up in New Donk City: Rematch

Inside the easternmost tower you’ll return to New Donk City to fight Mechawiggler again but this time, there are TWO Mechawigglers. Capture the Sherm and do exactly what you did to defeat Mechawiggler when you first arrived at New Donk City.

Power Moon #36 - Battle in Bubblaine: Rematch

Beneath Dorrie in the Mushroom Pond is a pipe that will lead you to a rematch with the giant octopus from the Seaside Kingdom. The battle is pretty much the same except it’s raining, which benefits you. When you capture a Gushen, the rain automatically refills its water reserves making this battle shorter and easier.

Power Moon #37 - Blowup at Mount Volbono: Rematch

This tower is near the Odyssey and is easy to access. You’ll be transported to the Luncheon Kingdom to face off against that annoying bird boss. This battle is the same, so avoid the spike balls until it throws up a trail of lava for you to swim up and hop on its head.

Power Moon #38 - Rumble in Crumbleden: Rematch

This tower is accessed from the pipe under the moat near Peach’s Castle. If you drained the moat in the Goombette Power Moon challenge you’re work is half done. Capture Yoshi and head to the pipe to grab the fruit lodged inside the pipe. Enter the pipe to be transported to the Ruined Kingdom to fight the Lightning Dragon again.

The fight the electric homing rings are faster, so be careful.

Power Moon #39 - Secret Path to Peach’s Castle

Head to the Luncheon Kingdom and capture a Lava Bubble around Mount Volbono. Swim around the vast ocean until you find an island with a warp painting that transports you to the Mushroom Kingdom. Use Cappy to extinguish the fire in the fireplace and enter it to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #40 - A Tourist in the Mushroom Kingdom!

You’ll find a Tostarenan and a cabbie in the Mushroom Kingdom after you find them in each of the other Kingdoms. After you meet them on the Moon Kingdom, they’ll visit the Mushroom Kingdom. Talk to them to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #41 - Found with Mushroom Kingdom Art

Inside Peach’s Castle, to the right of the main staircase, you’ll find Hint Art that looks like a top hat tower in front of the moon. Head to the Cap Kingdom, go to the bridge and position your camera so one of the cap towers is in front of the moon. Ground pound to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #42 - Hat-and-Seek: Mushroom Kingdom

Find the Bonneter who is left to the entrance of Peach’s Castle where he’ll talk about his friend that is missing. Find a Toad with a top hat and speak to him to reveal the missing Bonneter and win a Power Moon.

Power Moon #43 - Princess Peach, Home Again

Visit Princess Peach in all of the other Kingdoms and she will return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Find her on the balcony of her castle and speak to her to receive a Power Moon.

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