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Here's all of the Power Moons in Bowser's Kingdom Nintendo/Player.One

Bowser’s Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey consists of a series of floating platforms with a Japanese motif. Mario will have to infiltrate his way into the castle to reach Bowser and his flying ship, but there are a ton of boss battles and obstacles to overcome along the way.

There are 62 Power Moons in Bowser’s Kingdom, and many of them come from these boss battles.

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Power Moon #1 - Infiltrate Bowser’s Castle!

The first Power Moon in the Kingdom requires Mario to defeat the Ogre guarding the gate. It will approach you and a shadow will appear where Mario is, signifying he’s ready to slam his block on you. Avoid it and use this time to climb on top of it to stomp on its head and defeat it. A Power Moon will be your reward.

Power Moon #2 - Smart Bombing

In the Second Courtyard, you’ll notice five Moon Shards scattered around. The first is under the first turret you encounter, the second is over the first pit on the lowest level, the third is hovering in front of the large wall (you can use the Pokio to fling yourself to it), the fourth is hidden in a metal box between two turrets and the final one is on a ledge toward the back of the structure.

Power Moon #3 - Big Broodal Battle

In this area, you’ll need to defeat the Harriet and Topper one at a time. The battle is similar to the previous one, only now they are now and sneakier, so make note of their movements.

Power Moon #4 - Showdown at Bowser’s Castle

Make your way to the top of the Kingdom to get to the Showdown Arena, where the big boss fight happens. The Broodals have combined in a giant metal and wood machine. You’ll need to capture a Pokio to avoid its attacks and poke the cannonballs it projects at the metal legs. After a few hits, the machine will take a knee and you’ll use the Pokio’s poking ability to climb to the top and poke at the Broodal until it is exposed. Do this four times to defeat the mech.

Power Moon #5 - Behind the Big Wall

In the Third Courtyard (Front), capture a Pokio and flick your way onto the roof. There’s a Power Moon over the ledge, which you can drop down to collect and fling your way back onto the roof.

Power Moon #6 - Treasure Inside the Turret

When you make it to the second courtyard, there’s a secret passage on the side of the Kingdom. On the left edge, position your camera so you can find the material a Pokio can stick to. Capture the woodpecker creature to make your way down and across the ledge until you make it to the Power Moon.

Power Moon #7 - From the Side above the Castle Gate

Go to the souvenir shop, then take the Spark Pylon back to the second courtyard and you should spot a Power Moon. This one will require some nifty wall jumping to get to. Jump from the ledge and perform a wall jump into a double jump to grab the Power Moon.

Power Moon #8 - Sunken Treasure in the Moat

Go to the Main Courtyard and find a small moat guarded by Pokios. Dive into the area with the binoculars and follow the underwater path to the Power Moon.

Power Moon #9 - Past the Moving Wall

On the top of the Inner Wall, go down the northwest corner and descend a few tiers. You’ll pass the Stairface Ogre and the Spinies, then come to another ledge that will need a Pokio capture. Use the Pokio to make your way around the corner by flicking yourself around the wall, then continue to the area where a spike wall strip. Flick yourself over to where the visible Power Moon is.

Power Moon #10 - Above the Poison Swamp

In the same area as #11, capture the Lakitu above the poison pond and head toward the northwest corner. Follow the path until you find a frame, with a Power Moon behind it.

Power Moon #11 - Knocking Down the Nice Frame

Head to the Beneath the Keep flag and find the Lakitu around the poison pond. Capture it and float over to the northwest corner, where a ledge and a slingshot can be found. Escape the capture and activate the slingshot, sending Mario to the top of the big arch. On the front of the arch, you will find a decorative ornament hanging. Use Cappy to knock it off the roof and a Power Moon will appear.

Power Moon #12 - Caught on the Iron Fence

Behind the Odyssey, there’s a fence post shaped like Bowser’s head. It will spew fire after you toss and hold Cappy on it. Keep Cappy there until a Power Moon  appears.

Power Moon #13 - On the Giant Bowser Statue’s Nose

As you make your way through the Kingdom, you’ll notice a giant gold Bowser statue. Climb the roof and hop onto the statue. There’s a glowing spot on Bowser’s nose that you can ground pound to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #14 - Inside a Block in  the Castle

Head to the Outer Wall warp flag and move to where the Stairface Ogre is. Lead the Ogre to the metal boxes and have it smash it for you. Break open the metal box that glows with a rainbow sparkle to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #15 - Caught Hopping at Bowser’s Castle!

Head to the Keep’s roof after the boss battle. One of the white hares will appear, and just like in the other kingdoms, you’ll need to hit it with Cappy to slow it down and capture a Power Moon.

Power Moon #16 - Exterminate the Ogres!

Head to the Main Courtyard entrance and climb to the roof of the building on the right side. Find a Spark Pylon and capture it to go to a secret structure off the Keep. There are a ton of Ogres here, and you’ll need to find a platform holding the Island in the Sky flag. Once you’ve arrived, skydive down from the island to a warp painting leading to a secret island. You’ll need to finish the main adventure to access it, though.

Power Moon #17 - Bowser’s Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

In the Showdown Arena (where you fought the big boss of the Kingdom), you’ll find a scarecrow. Activate it to make spinning platforms appear, jump to the top to grab yourself a Power Moon.

Power Moon #18 - Taking Notes: Between Spinies

Head over to the Third Courtyard to find a pen with two Spinies and a treble clef. Grab the treble clef and snag all the notes that appear (while avoiding the two Spinies) before the time runs out.

Power Moon #19 - Stack Up Above the Wall

Past the first gate of the Kingdom, you’ll see a bunch of Goombas. Capture one and make a stack of 10. You’ll notice a path that curls around a corridor and leads a button that needs 10 Goomba. Hop on the button to reveal the Power Moon.

Power Moon #20 - Hidden Corridor Under the Floor

Just beyond the Main Courtyard is a wall Mario can climb with a Pokio. Capture the Pokio and begin your ascent of the first wall. After climbing this wall (just above the moat), fall off the spiny edge and grab the wall with the Pokio’s beak. You should be able to see the Power Moon behind some bars. You can get behind the bars, but the entrance is behind four breakable crates. Get to the crates and quickly destroy them crates with the Pokio’s attack, ten stick to the wall again before you fall off. Once the passage is clear, go in and grab your Power Moon.

Power Moon #21 - Poking Your Nose in the Plaster Wall

Go to the Third Courtyard (Rear) and drop down from the roof. There’s a ledge that will catch you. Capture the Pokio that’s there and find an opening alongside the wall and use your beak to grab a Power Moon.

Power Moon #22 - Poking the Turret Wall

Head to the Second Courtyard checkpoint and capture a Pokio. Go to the cannonball corridor where two cannons are side by side. There are boxes on the side that can’t be broken without using the cannonballs. Use the Pokio’s beak attack to launch the cannonballs toward these boxes to reveal another hole where you can find a Power Moon.

Power Moon #23 - Poking Your Nose by the Great Gate

Behind the Spark Pylon that leads to Bowser’s Keep is another hole you’ll need a Pokio for. Warp to the Inner Wall flag and capture one. Fling yourself up the conveyor belt wall and behind a platform that has two open ports with Spinies guarding them. Get rid of the Spinies and poke your beak into the right port to unveil a Power Moon.

Power Moon #24 - Jizo All in a Row

Head to the Souvenir Shop flag and capture a Jizo statue nearby. Hop your way to where there are five capped statues with a space for the Jizo to rest. Make your way there and leave the Jizo in the open spot to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #25 - Underground Jizo

In the same location as #24, Capture a Jizo statue and explore the area until you find a mound of sand. Hop onto the sand pile to fall in and find more Jizo statues lined up. Leave the statue in the open space to get another Power Moon.

Power Moon #26 - Found Behind Bars!

Warp to the Main Courtyard flag and run along the long roof, until you find the Spark Pylon at the end. Ride the line all the way to the back of the roof, where it will lead you to a room where a Power Moon waits.

Power Moon #27 -  Fishing(?) in Bowser’s Castle

Warp to the Beneath the Keep flag and head east to capture Lakitu. Float to the corner of the poison pond and look for a large shadow in the water. Wait for your control to shake and then reel it in to grab a Power Moon.

Power Moon #28 - Good to See You, Captain Toad!

Head to the Outer Wall checkpoint and capture a Pokio, then head to the roof edge in the southeast while sticking to the green tiles. You’ll find a gap that leads to a small ledge that wraps around the corner. Hop on and find Captain Toad tucked away behind the wall. Escape the capture and talk to Toad to receive a Power Moon.

Power Moon #29 - Shopping at Bowser’s Castle

Head to Crazy Cap’s and purchase a Power Moon for 100 gold coins.

Power Moon #30 - Bowser’s Castle Treasure Vault

After the local bosses are defeated, go to the pipe near the Odyssey and descend a few levels along the side down to the roof level that has a swarm of Spinies. Run around the edge to find a slingshot to launch Mario over the gap. Capture a Pokio and wrap around the wall with green tiles. Here, you’ll find a wall to ascend with material you can stick your beak into. The part of the wall that you can stick your beak into spins like a wheel. Carefully fling yourself up to these wheels to enter a room that has a Power Moon inside a treasure chest.

Power Moon #31 - Scene of Crossing the Poison Swamp

Purchase the Samurai outfit and hat from Crazy Caps and speak to the New Donker while wearing them. He will open a room that sends Mario into an 8-bit level. Make your way across this level to receive a Power Moon.

Power Moon #32 - Taking Notes: In the Folding Screen

In the same 8-bit level as #31, one of the stages will have a treble clef hovering on a platform. Grab it to activate the timed challenge where Mario will have to gather all the notes in the area. Complete it within the time limits to receive a Power Moon.

Power Moon #33 - On Top of the Spinning Tower

Along your journey through Bowser’s Kingdom you’ll find a Stairface Ogre that is guarding a large door surrounded by a poison moat. Inside, there’s a large tower and it’ll be up to you (as a Pokio) to climb it. Flick and poke your way up to the top and grab your Power Moon as a reward.

Power Moon #34 - Down and Up the Spinning Tower

On the same tower as #33, near the bottom, is a secret room. Move downward with the Pokio and enter the room. Grab the key that’s inside, which will unveil another Power Moon at the top of the tower. Make your way up like in #33 to grab it.

Power Moon #35 - Jizo’s Big Adventure

At the Showdown Arena there’s a pipe that you can enter after defeating the Broodals. In this level, there are P-Switches that you’ll need to activate by applying tremendous weight on them. Luckily, there are Jizo statues for Mario to capture. Capture a Jizo, place it on the P-Switch and jump out of the statue to make your way to the next platform.

One platform doesn’t have a P-Switch visible, but there is a crack in the floor that a Jizo’s weight can break through. Capture it and hop to the crack to reveal a  P-Switch. An elevator will activate and Mario can take it up. Capture another Jizo to hop across the bridge and hit the switch in the middle, then cross the moving platforms to get to the next statue. Capture it and have the statue move across the same moving platforms to activate the final switch in that platform. Two more switches will appear once all three switches are activated. Take the left and right statues off the switches and onto the new ones allowing for two shafts to be revealed. Use Mario’s wall jump ability to climb the shaft and to the Power Moon.

Power Moon #36 - Jizo and the Hidden Room

Once you’ve activated the wall jump shafts for #35, capture the statue on a P-Switch all the way back in the start of the level. Move the statue to the switch that hasn’t been activated to unveil a secret compartment along the vertical shafts. Without the switch activated again, you’ll need to jump across to the platform without the bridge. Simply use a triple jump or dive jump to make it.

On the final platform, wall jump to find the Power Moon in the compartment that opened.

Power Moon #37 - Dashing Above the Clouds

On the northwest side of the Inner Wall there will be a seed you can plant that will give bloom to a beanstalk. Ride the beanstalk to the sky to get to another level. You’ll need to grab the three rocket flowers at the beginning of the level to have Mario speeding across platforms. Collect more flowers along the way to keep your boost and make it to the Power Moon at the end.

Power Moon #38 - Dashing Through the Clouds

In the same area as #37 there’s a skinny platform to the left side of the area after one of the big jumps. After the aforementioned jump, just veer to the left to grab the Power Moon (without falling) and then veer to the right to get back on track.

Power Moon #39 - Sphynx Over Bowser’s Castle

There’s a pair of binoculars just beyond the Main Courtyard checkpoint. Use the binoculars to find a Sphynx in the sky, zoom in and grab the Power Moon that appears.

Power Moon #40 - I Met a Pokio!

After you defeat Bowser, head to the Main Courtyard where a Bonneter is hanging around the lengthy wall. Capture a Pokio and make your way to this ghost-hat guy to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #41 - Bowser’s Kingdom Regular Cup

The Koopa for this challenge is at the Beneath the Keep checkpoint. This race starts at the Keep and finishes where the Odyssey is. Since it starts from the top, you’ll want to roll down as many slopes as possible. Finish the race in first place to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #42 - A Rumble Under the Arena Floor

Head to the northern part of the Showdown Arena and find the spot where your controller starts rumbling. Feel for the strongest vibrations on the ground and then ground pound to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #43 - Secret Path to Bowser’s Castle

After defeating Bowser, a warp painting will appear that leads to Bowser’s Kingdom. Go to the Cascade Kingdom and look for the painting in a cave hidden underwater.

Power Moon #44 - Peach in Bowser’s Kingdom

Defeat Bowser and return to Bowser’s Kingdom to find Peach next to the Crazy Cap store. Speak to her and she’ll give you a Power Moon.

Power Moon #45 - Found with Bowser’s Kingdom Art

After defeating the bosses of the kingdom, the Main Courtyard should have a Hint Art for Mario to peek at. Head to the Sand Kingdom and go to where the Moe-Eye hang out near the poison pond. There’s a cactus here that you can ground pound near to find a Power Moon.

To get Power Moons #46-62, you’ll need to defeat the main story and find the Moon Rock to unlock the rest of the moons.

bowserskingdommap super mario odyssey
The Moon Rock locations in the Bowser Kingdom Photo: Nintendo

Power Moon #46 - Behind the Tall Wall: Poke, Poke!

Go to the Third Courtyard (Rear) and capture a Pokio. Head to the eastern rooftops and poke your way down the wall, you should see a hole Pokio can poke into to grab a Power Moon.

Power Moon #47 - From Crates in the Moat

Head back to the moat in the Main Courtyard. There are crates at the bottom of the moat that can be broken. Ground pound the floor to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #48 - Caught on the Giant Horn

On the rooftop of the Keep there are large horns. Toss and hold Cappy on the horn that has begun to glow to release a Power Moon.

Power Moon #49 - Inside a Block at the Gate

Near the Main Courtyard are metal boxes. Capture a Pokio and use its ability to knock the cannonballs in the area to break open the metal boxes and reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #50 - Small Bird in Bowser’s Castle

On the rooftops of the Keep you’ll see a small flock of glowing birds, so you’ll need to creep up on them without scaring them off. Get as close as possible and toss Cappy to release a Power Moon.

Power Moon #51 - Invader in Bowser’s Castle

The stage on the right side of the Main Courtyard Entrance will hold an enemy for you to defeat. This Yoo-Foe will release Goombas at you but this is how you defeat it. Capture one Goomba and begin to stack them until you’re high enough to release the capture and stomp on its head.

Two stomps will defeat the Yoo-Foe and a Power Moon will be your reward.

Power Moon #52 - Jumping from Flag to Flag

At the Main Courtyard Entrance head to the Spark Pylon that has a lock next to it. You’ll notice flags off the edge and the key at the end of it all. Carefully leap from flag to flag until you grab the key and head back to unlock the Power Moon.

Power Moon #53 - Bowser’s Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Near the Beneath the Keep flag and the Lakitu is a scarecrow. Activate it to reveal a green platform in the middle of the poison moat below. Jump off the side, aiming for the green platform and the key. You then have to jump to the neighboring roof before time runs out to grab the Power Moon.

Power Moon #54 - Taking Notes: On the Wall

Warp to Third Courtyard (Rear) and head to the back ledge where a treble clef is now visible. Grab it to start the challenge. Capture a Pokio (preferably before you activate the treble clef) and use its ability to grab the notes along the wall before the time runs out.

Power Moon #55 - Taking Notes with a Spinning Throw

At the Main Courtyard Entrance, go to the left platform where a treble clef is hovering. Grab it and collect all the notes on the platform. It’s best if you spin throw to grab as many notes as possible.

Power Moon #56 - Third Courtyard Outskirts

Along the Spark Pylon between Third Courtyard (Front) and Third Courtyard (Rear) you’ll notice coins pointing upwards. While riding the Pylon, shake your controller to have Mario go up along the coins to the Power Moon above.

Power Moon #57 - Stone Wall Circuit

Head to the lowest level of Second Courtyard and find a fire pit with Spinies around it. You’ll see a lock in the floor with a Spark Pylon along the edge. Travel along the Pylon to reveal a square path with the key in the middle. Travel to the top of the square on the Pylon and release the capture and slide down the wall as Mario to grab the key. Once you got the key, toss Cappy at the pylon to go back into the wire and grab your Power Moon.

Power Moon #58 - Bowser’s Kingdom Master Cup

This is the same race as the Regular Cup but you’ll need to cut corners as much as possible to win. The Second Courtyard is crucial to your victory as you can wall jump to get on the rooftop to the right to save time.

Power Moon #59 - Searching Hexagon Tower

At the northern section of the Main Courtyard take the a slingshot to the rooftop containing a moon pipe. Enter the pipe to get to a challenge level with five moon shards. Capture a Parabones then fly around the tower, entering rooms when you can, to find the shards.

Power Moon #60 - Center of Hexagon Tower

Atop of the Hexagon Tower in #59 there’s a lock. The key is actually hidden in the tower but you’ll need to fly the bottom of the area to find a passageway just above the poison. Inside the passageway is the key that will unlock the Power Moon at the top.

Power Moon #61 - Climb the Wooden Tower

here is a moon pipe in the Main Courtyard that takes you to another tower hidden in Bowser’s Kingdom. This level will challenge your skills as a Pokio to obtain the final two Power Moons. This first one will be awarded to you once you complete the stage. You’ll need to fling and poke your way through spinning platforms and walls.

Power Moon #62 - Poke the Wooden Tower

The final Power Moon is in the same area as #61 but is found in a secret compartment in the beginning of the level. Behind the first pillar you’ll notice the pillar extends downward, which means you’ll need to carefully make your way down using the Pokio.

There will be a wall blocked by crates and you’ll need to break them without falling. A Power Moon will be uncovered once all of the crates are uncovered.

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