Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom Power Moon Locations

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There are 10 Power Moons in the Ruined Kingdom Nintendo/Player.One

On your Super Mario Odyssey journey, you’ll run into Bowser and his flying ship but the villain isn’t alone, he has a dragon.

This beast will shoot down the Odyssey and you’ll land on the Ruined Kingdom, a small area of floating platforms. You’ll need to defeat the dragon to get back to finding Bowser but there are 10 Power Moons in total to find.

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Power Moon #1 - Battle with the Lord of Lightning!

You’ll need to battle a huge dragon to get the first Power Moon of the Ruined Kingdom. It’s not as tough as it looks as long as you’re quick on your feet. Jump over the waves of electricity it shoots until it rests its head. On its snout, will be about five keys that you can use Cappy to dislodge. Once all of them are dislodged, give the dragon a good ground pound.

Repeat two more times to defeat it.

Power Moon #2 - In the Ancient Treasure Chest

Climb down the stairs where the Odyssey is and keep your eye on the left side because there’s a hidden path. Grab the ledge and shimmy your way across to find the treasure chest where a Power Moon is.

Power Moon #3 - Roulette Tower: Climbed

After defeating the boss, return to the arena and ride the Mini Rocket to another level. Climb to the top of the tower in this new level to receive a Power Moon.

Power Moon #4 - Roulette Tower: Stopped

In the same area as #3, there’s a chamber with 8-bit Koopa Troopas that you’ll notice on your way up the tower. Kick the red-shelled Koopa Troopa on the top-left to the left and follow it because the shell will break a lot of bricks revealing a hidden side of the tower. Exit the pipe and use the P-Switches to freeze the rotating sections that lets you use them as steps to a Power Moon.

Power Moon #5 - Peach in the Ruined Kingdom

After you defeat Bowser, return to the Ruined Kingdom and find Peach where the boss was and she will give you a Power Moon.

To get Power Moons #6-10, you’ll need to defeat the main story and find the Moon Rock to unlock the rest of the moons.


ruined kingdom map super mario odyssey
The Moon Rock locations for the Ruined Kingdom Photo: Nintendo


Power Moon #6 - Caught in a Big Horn

Go back to the arena where you fought the boss and climb the dragon’s head. Climb to the right side of the dragon’s head to where it’s horn is. You’ll notice a glimmer at the tip of the horn. Toss and hold Cappy there to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #7 - Upon the Broken Arch

Head up the stars from the Odyssey and look for the broken pillar. Climb up to the top and ground pound the floor to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #8 - Rolling Rock on the Battlefield

Check the rocks in the arena where the dragon is and you’ll see one of them shimmering. You’ll need to kick it until it breaks, revealing a Power Moon.

Power Moon #9 - Charging Through an Army

A pipe appears near the Odyssey that will transport you to a new level. Capture a Chargin’ Chuck and rush it up the ramp to where a Power Moon is trapped in a cage. Charge up your Chuck to break the cage and grab the Power Moon.

Power Moon #10 - The Mummy’s Army Curse

In the same area as #9, Capture Chargin’ Chuck and use him to break the blocks near the entrance of the level. Go to the second level and find the glowing Chincho, use your cap throws to dismantle it and grab the Power Moon. 

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