Starsand Adds Crocodiles in Newest Update

Beware the new creature.
Beware the new creature. Tunnel Vision Studio

In the desert, with all the dunes, sand, and scorching heat, the occasional oasis is a surefire way to survive longer. That’s because the latest update for Starsand has introduced crocodiles as the newest inhabitants of the world. For those who meet them while taking some time to cool off, there are only two choices: enter a tough fight or turn around and run.

Those who choose the former and win, try out some truly nutritious new ingredients. Of course, it helps if you can cook them, and you can do it with the new fireplace, introduced as well in the new update. In addition, you can dress those wounds with the new bandages.

Here’s what arrived with the new update:

  • Difficulty settings. Four presets (plus custom) to choose from when starting a new game.
  • ​2 new recipes to be found around the map:
    • Fireplace + Double bed
    • Armor stand + Bullseye
  • Fireplace as a placeable item.
    • Can only be attached to a flat clay wall.
  • Armor stand as a placeable item.
  • Double bed as a placeable item for clay set.
  • Crocodiles can be seen taking a bath in 2 oases.
  • Crocodile eggs as a consumable resource.
  • Raw crocodile meat and Cooked crocodile meat.
  • Crocodile fat.
  • Bandages to mend wounds.
  • Underwater vegetation in one oasis.
  • Changes
    • Standing torches now slightly increase the player temperature.
    • On explosion, coconut grenades and explosive barrels will now trigger the explosion of any explosive barrels nearby.
    • Cooking food in the furnace is not possible anymore.
    • The Standing torch is now discoverable with the Furnace recipe.
    • The Bullseye is now discoverable with the Armor stand recipe.
    • To arm the trap is now necessary to hold R for 1 second.
  • Fixes
    • Panel available for untamed camels.
    • Outside water view when the player camera is underwater.

Starsand is available on PC and has joined Steam Early Access last November 2021. It's a mystic survival game where players are put in an open world full of danger. To survive, players need to hunt for food, make weapons, and build a shelter. With no rescue in sight, do you have what it takes to survive?

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