Smash Legends Grand Renewal Update is Now Live

Enjoy the new update.
Enjoy the new update. 5minlab

A new update is now live in the real-time PvP action game Smash Legends. The Grand Renewal introduces a lot of new things like a new Legend, Smash Pass, and seasonal Legends.

Smash Legends offers quick matches that have short playtimes and intuitive controls. This has resulted in at least 5.5 million downloads worldwide. The game has 25 charming characters (called Legends) based on unique interpretations of popular fairy tales. There are three modes which are dominion, battle royale, and duel. In addition, the game also supports cross-play on both mobile and PC.

Here are the addition and changes that went live in the game with this newest update:

  • Smash Pass Chapter One Introduces Smash Legends’ 25th Legend: Zepeto
    • The new update introduces Smash Pass Chapter One.
    • This allows players to earn in-game rewards through gameplay.
    • Zepeto, the newest Legend, can be obtained through the Smash Pass and uses a variety of unique weapons.
    • Smash Pass Chapter One also includes three new sports-themed skins for popular characters like Peter, Cindy, and Kaiser.
  • Try Out Select Legends For Free With Seasonal Legends Trials
    • In addition to allowing players to purchase specific legends of interest, they can now try out a select roster of Legends for free on a seasonal basis.
    • Each trial season lasts eight weeks and once complete, a new batch of Legends becomes available to try out for free.
    • All progress earned with trial Legends remains once a seasonal trial period has ended.
  • Improved User-Friendliness
    • The primary goal of this new update is to reorganize the game’s various systems so that they are more user-friendly.
    • In previous iterations, Legends were obtained randomly.
    • Now, players can get specific Legends through in-game credits or gems.
  • Introducing A New Legend Growth System
    • A growth system is added which includes Legend mastery points, ability acquisition, and experience points.
    • It expands rewards given to active playing users and offers them a fun experience of growth.
  • A New Competitive Mode Coming Soon
    • A new Competitive Match Mode is going to be added to Smash Legends on April 12.
    • Additional details are to be announced at a later time.

Learn more about the game here. Smash Legends is available on Android and iOS.

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