Dota 2: Check Out the Changes in the Spring Cleaning Update

Time to do some cleaning.
Time to do some cleaning. Valve

It’s just been a month since Patch 7.31 for Dota 2 was released. Like any update released, it’s not perfect and some bugs remain. Developer Valve has launched the Spring Cleaning 2022 update which not only fixes some of those bugs but also introduces quality-of-life improvements.

There’s a lot of changes that have arrived so we won’t be able to cover everything. Instead, we’ll just look at some of the larger changes.

Demo Mode

The demo mode is a feature where players can test strategies or even come up with their own. It’s been reworked to offer a bunch of new functionalities. These include:

  • The northern section of the Demo Map has been expanded to provide a more flat area for testing.
  • Added controls to easily spawn Allied heroes, in addition to enemies.
  • Added control to reset a hero back to Level 1.
  • Added control to remove a hero once you're done testing.
  • Buttons for leveling, adding Scepter, adding Shard, and toggling invulnerability now apply to all currently selected heroes.
  • When toggling creeps off, all existing lane creeps will be destroyed.
  • Added a button to spawn a single creep wave from each side.
  • Added buttons to spawn the 6 major runes.

Muting Players

Games with PvP often have their players experience the wrong kind of emotions, especially in the heat of battle. When such behavior becomes disruptive, it’s important to have a way to quickly and easily mute players. In addition, there should also be a way to report them without disrupting the game further.

With this new update, players can now mute voice, mute text, and report another player with a single click of a button. There are cases where the behavior of a player may not be disruptive, but another player may still not want to communicate with them. In this case, there’s a right-click option to mute text and voice independently.

This isn’t the last change we’ll probably see for this feature as it looks like Valve is continuously looking into how they handle communication reports.

Changes to Aghanim’s

In Dota 2, there’s no question that the inner workings of Aghanim's mind are beyond the comprehension of mortals. The good news is that the tooltips for Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard have been upgraded to show more details on what happens when these items are equipped. The presentation of some upgrades has been customized to make sure that the information is simpler and easier to understand.

Learn all the changes here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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