The Sims 4 Updates 2 Hairstyles in Create-A-Sim

New customization options.
New customization options. EA

The Sims 4 released an update that changes two hairstyles in Create-A-Sim. The two hairstyles have also been converted so that they can be used by both children and toddler Sims. In particular, these are the Tight Curls and Short Textured hairstyles.

While this may appear as a small change, the impact on customization is without a doubt big for many players. You can check how these hairstyles look like here.

Bug Fixes

The new update also introduces bug fixes which include:

  • Fixed the issue where the Gallery Preview pop-ups.
    • With this, Build Mode objects now appear properly under the “Show Used Items” panel.
  • ​Some edits had been made to some Career and School-related tooltips to make them consistent and clearer for Simmers.
  • The book cradleObject_GENBook won’t be visible anymore to Simmers.
  • Some DEBUG pie menu options, like those from Discover University and Snowy Escape, have been translated.
  • Fixed the issue where Sims were becoming uncomfortable when Gathering Water.
  • Ghost Sims now appear as Ghosts in CAS.

Next Patch

The Sims 4 also revealed what players can expect with the next patch. In particular, the game is set to update the retro-style Large Afro along with the new Short Afro. These two hairstyles aren’t only going to be available for adults but even to children and toddlers.

Six new hair colors have been revealed as well, which are included in a future patch. Remember, it refers to a future patch and does not necessarily mean the next update.

Going back to the next patch, players can expect to have new Asian eye presets. This should allow for more choices, particularly for East Asian representation. In the future, more diverse body features will be added to Create-A-Sim.

In coming up with these new designs, The Sims 4 team made sure that the hair and body features were as genuine as possible. They didn’t only do research but also consulted different people. You can learn more about what’s being planned here.

The Sims 4 is the fourth title in The Sims franchise was launched in 2014. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Since launch, 10 expansion packs, 18 stuff packs, and 9 game packs have been released.

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