The Sims 4 Improves Hair Options and Adds Bunk Beds

Good new for players.
Good new for players. EA

Spring is here and that means in The Sims 4, a new update has dropped. There’s new exciting content that players are sure to love. The first is the improvements to the hair options. The second is likely to make a lot of players happy with the arrival of Bunk Beds.

Hair Options

The latest update introduces updates and improvements to some of the hair options in Create-a-Sim. Now, both cfHair_Puffball and ymHair_ShortAfro are looking truly fabulous. Additionally, conversions of cfHair_Puffball for Adults and Toddlers have been made. Developers also made conversions of ymHair_ShortAfro for Children and Toddlers. You can view the different images here.

Bunk Beds

Many players have been requesting Bunk Beds, and finally, they can now enjoy these new beds in the game. In Live Mode, players can put in twice the number of characters in their sleeping quarters.

The game has included a basic style Bunk Bed to match the existing Mod Pod Bed from the base game. There’s also the Metal Framed Bunk Bed where players can carry out their Bunk Bed story-telling needs.

Now when looking at the catalog, players are likely to see that the Bunk Beds have two ladders. The good news is that once this bed is positioned against a wall, that extra ladder is immediately removed. The Bunk Bed, along with all beds, now have what’s known as the Relax posture. That means the Sims can now relax in bed while doing some relaxing things. They can even relax at the top bunk.

Speaking of the top bunk, eagle-eyed players may notice the sprocket icon that’s beside the color swatch UI of the Top Bed. Clicking on this particular sprocket turns off the “Auto Bunk Beds” toggle for ladder placement.

Bug Fixes

As an update, it’s obvious that it includes several bug fixes, such as:

  • Toddlers can now eat the food that the player’s Sims have prepared for them.
  • Sims no longer create puddles when they drink water.
    • This issue was one of those the team was looking into, which you can learn more about here.
  • ​Auto Solving for Hygiene no longer queues a drink in the interaction queue.
  • Elder, Adults, Young Adults, and Teen Sims can now Play Dolls With Toddlers.
  • 21st Birthday Create a Sim assets puTop_EF28TankScallop and puBottom_EF28JeansCuffed are now properly displayed with the Special Birthday icon and tooltip.

Read more about the changes brought by the new update here.

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