The Sims 4 Released First-Ever Laundry List

See what issues are being worked on.
See what issues are being worked on. EA

The Sims 4 officially released its first version of the Laundry List, and this is not some sort of “dirty” list. Instead, it is a list of community concerns that the development team is looking into and hope to resolve in a new patch.

In a post, The Sims 4 team revealed that many of these issues were reported by players who wanted to improve the user experience. The team added that some of the issues raised may need more time to be resolved and thus may not have a fix in an upcoming patch. Besides, this first Laundry List contains the top concerns and so, there are likely more issues being worked on but not included.

So what are the issues on this list? Here are some of them:

  • Sims mopping outside during rainstorms.
    • When the player hires a maid and it rains, the maid for some reason goes outside and starts to mop up puddles.
  • Grounding teen (Phone) causes interactions to be stealthily.
    • When a teen sim is ground by an adult sim from using a phone, it seems the sim could no longer be assigned to do any action without being called stealthily.
    • The adult sim autonomously reprimands the teen sim after that for every action.
  • Puddles after drinking water.
    • When a sim drinks water, they leave a puddle after finishing it.
  • Celebrity reacts in disgust with everyone.
    • When a player controls a global superstar and has them go near someone else, the superstar reacts in disgust.
    • The superstar shouldn’t care about the presence of others.
  • Sims can't resume knitting.
    • The bug occurs when players get their sim knit by clicking on furniture or the knitting object in Sim's inventory.
    • Instead of knitting, the sim simply stands around.
  • Bunnies and filth fiends are too frequent.
    • After playing for a long period, dust bunnies and filth friends appear too quickly.
  • Can't Evolve plants in Vertical Garden.
    • Despite having a plant ready to evolve in the vertical garden, nothing happens.
  • Pets won't age up, even with a treat on the home lot.
    • The kitten doesn’t age up despite being given an age-up treat.
    • The kitten can eat as many as she wants while on the home lot and nothing happens.

Check the complete Laundry List here.

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