The Sims 4 Reveals April Laundry List

What issues are players facing this time?
What issues are players facing this time? EA

The Sims 4 officially released its Laundry List for April. The list is rather short, which should be good news to players. But most of the issues are coming from the PC version.

For those not familiar, the Laundry List was first released back in March and is where the development team shares a list of the top community concerns that they’re currently investigating. It’s not all investigation as the team also hopes to resolve the issues presented in each monthly Laundry List by the time the next patch is released.

  • Action: Select the extreme sports enthusiast aspiration.
    • Bug: The sim performs high-intensity skiing on the right slope and it doesn’t get marked as completed.
  • Action: Cook a bunch of meals both vegetarian and with meat and store them in the fridge. Select a Sim with the vegetarian trait and click "Get Leftovers."
    • Bug: The Sim goes for the options with meat no matter how many vegetarian dishes are in the fridge.
  • Action: Create a club for vampires with the Get Together expansion, and set "drink plasma" as one of the five things to do to earn club points.
    • Bug: They all have the incredible urge to drink plasma packs that were ordered from the computer and are lying around the house.
      • They completely ignore any plasma packs that are converted from fish and frogs that are lying around the house.
  • ​Action: Cook Fish dinner (grand meal).
    • Bug: The Fish Dinner is longer counted as a grand meal.
  • Action: Go to a Maker Space and use one of the crafting objects, like the Fabricator. Click on a Maker Mentor NPC and ask them to mentor you while you are using the object.
    • Bug: Players get the focused moodlet "Making with a Mentor", but it has the "missing image llama" instead of an actual moodlet icon.
  • Action: Try to create a club restriction for the Maker trait.
    • Bug: Doesn't show up in the list.
  • ​Action: Wait until it's heavy raining and click the ground to shower in the rain.
    • Bug: The sims go outside and just stand there.
  • Action: Create a Residential Haunted House or change a Residential to Haunted House Residential, and try to have dust in it.
    • Bug: Dust does not accumulate in the haunted house.
  • ​Action: Become a senior member of the Brainiacs then check traits.
    • Bug: Mental Magister trait shows up but with no icon (other than llama) or origin (short description only).
  • Action: Have Get Together and University expansion packs installed. Click "social" then "clubs." Navigate away from "social" and then return. It will show organizations instead of clubs.
    • Bug: The social panel always goes back to organizations instead of clubs because it's not saving clubs to the .ini file; it's saving organizations.

So what do you think about this month’s Laundry List?

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