SCUM: The One and Only Danny Trejo is Now a Playable Character

The Machete is here!
The Machete is here! Twitter/@EpikPrime

Video games having celebrities become part of their world is nothing new. The multiplayer open-world survival game SCUM seems to have scored a hit with a rather unlikely hero. It's none other than Danny Trejo joining the game as a playable character.

The Machete arrives in the game courtesy of a new DLC to be released soon. As a playable character, Trejo offers multiple options, accessories, and customizations that players can choose from. These include new items and in-game collectibles like weaponry, clothing, and even mannerisms. All of these are inspired by the various unique characters played by Trejo. The in-game avatar itself has been modeled after Trejo in the 1990s and voiced by the actor himself.

In a statement, Gamepires Co-founder and Creative Director Tomislav Pongrac revealed that introducing Danny Trejo to the game is not only an excellent addition but also offers players a one-of-a-kind experience. He said that they’re confident the new DLC is going to be a fan favorite.

Meanwhile, Danny Trejo shared that he has been fortunate enough to be part of incredible projects across his career. However, he added that seeing himself in the game is probably one of the highlights. He went on to say that being part of collaboration is a chance for him to “engage with fans on a different level.”

Epik CEO Victor David said that the upcoming DLC reimagines the game and what better to go about it than introducing the iconic Danny Trejo. He assured SCUM players and fans of Danny Trejo will surely enjoy this unique collaboration.

NFT Collection

In addition to being a new playable character in SCUM, Danny Trejo is set to launch his first NFT Collection. Titled “The Many Faces of Danny Trejo,” it’s going to be released soon and offered through the Epik Prime Marketplace.

This new collection honors the remarkable life of the actor, who has been featured in a lot of films and is considered as one of the most recognizable actors in cinema. Talking about this new collection, CEO David revealed that it continues to show the passion and enthusiasm of the actor.

SCUM is available on PC and has been in Steam Early Access since August 2018.

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