SCUM Makes Weapon Decay More Apparent and Introduces New NPC in Patch

Patch Steam

Weapon decay is now more pronounced in the multiplayer online survival game SCUM. That’s because the newly released Patch gives abandoned weapons a gritty look, letting you know about their current condition the moment you see them.

Normal Weapon Condition
Normal Weapon Condition Steam
Gritty Weapon Condition (New Weapon Decay Look)
Gritty Weapon Condition (New Weapon Decay Look) Steam

Aside from that, developers added a new trader NPC that you can interact with: the Fisherman. This old geezer will sell you nautical supplies, including boats, rafts, and anything you need for fishing.

New Trader NPC: The Fisherman
New Trader NPC: The Fisherman Steam

Another notable change in this update is that some foods are now edible, such as the salted bleak filet and cauliflower. Also, isopropyl alcohol is no longer drinkable and is now only used as a medical item.

In addition, all vehicles can now be repaired with no skill required. Besides that, the Airplane repair kit now repairs planes properly with each use.


  • Increased the plane audio range
  • Decreased audio range for cutting actions
  • Poisonous mushrooms now generate food repulsion
  • Head bag can now be sliced into rags
  • Sandbags can now be crafted with little spades
  • Adjusted trader prices
  • Airplane and car repair kits now have 20 uses
  • Mines will no longer show up on trader inventory if the server setting disables mines
  • Reduced the lens flare effect on red dot sights
  • Skills can no longer be leveled up in trader zones
  • All vehicles can now be repaired with no skill
  • Fixed the bug where the players would sometimes not be able to fill an empty bottle
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes loading more rounds into the M1 would make rounds go void
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to remove partial empty clips from the M1
  • Fixed the bug where planes would not spawn in Single-player properly
  • Fixed the bug where suppressed AK would not produce sounds after more than 30 rounds were fired
  • Fixed the bug where some items would still show in hands even though dropped
  • Fixed the bug where name-able items would not save names properly when named with non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed the bug where the contents of the vinegar bottle could not be spilled
  • Fixed the bug where you could get food abrasions when prone
  • Fixed a bug where rowing in a boat would not drain stamina
  • Fixed the stuttering on the car mechanic trader
  • Big wave of streaming optimizations
  • Another wave of network optimizations
  • Reduced RAM usage of the game

SCUM Patch is available on PC.

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