SCUM: Wings of Fury Update Introduces Planes and Parachutes

Wings of Fury Update
Wings of Fury Update Twitter/@ScumGame

There is a new mode of transportation in SCUM, thanks to the newly released Wings of Fury update. Several improvements and bug fixes are implemented as well.

New Features

The headlining feature of the Wings of Fury update is the airplane. This is a new two-seater vehicle type that allows you to scout, chase, and maneuver your way around the island.

There are currently two airplanes available: the Red Kinglet Scout and the Blue Kinglet Duster. The former is slightly faster and more agile, while the latter consumes less fuel. These planes can spawn in two military points of interest: the Zeljava airfield in the D4 sector and the main airfield at the B2 airport. Take note that these old planes are not maintained, meaning that you need to have a fuel canister and an airplane repair kit handy to make them operational.

Red Kinglet Scout and Blue Kinglet Duster Airplanes
Red Kinglet Scout and Blue Kinglet Duster Airplanes Steam

Of course, you can’t have planes without parachutes. Parachutes not only provide a means for you to jump from really high places, but they also change the way you spawn on the battlefield. From this point onward, your first, random, or sector spawn will set you high up in the air with a parachute on your back. This is quite similar to how most battle royale matches begin .

Another feature worth mentioning is Outposts. These are places filled with NPC traders, such as the mechanic, the armorer, and the general goods merchant. There are four different outposts scattered all over the map. The first outpost can be found on C2 (RPI church island) in the middle of the lake. The other three are spread around the southern part of the map, in the B4, Z3, and A0 sectors. The developers may add more NPC traders in the future.

Outposts Steam

You can learn about the new features here.

Patch Notes

  • Decreased minimum mouse sensitivity for all categories in settings
  • All vehicles now spawn with 0 battery and fuel
  • Brass knuckles now take a bit less inventory space
  • Hearing protection items will now reduce the loud wind when flying a plane
  • Explosives now do more damage to vehicles
  • Reworked the money item so it can stack better and work with the new economy
  • Pressing TAB to access vehicle inventory is now re-enabled
  • Fixed the bug where it was not possible to destroy fortifications while in admin drone mode
  • Fixed the bug where barbed spike trap could be buried
  • Fixed the bug where double-clicking items when looting would drop them in the vicinity instead of the player's inventory

SCUM Wings of Fury update is available on PC.

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