SCUM Update Adds New Seaplane and Hangar

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SCUM recently received a new update that added a new seaplane, base build elements, and even the bartender. The bartender can be found in open saloons and they will serve drinks and food. The bartenders will have more items to offer in future updates.


The developers added a new seaplane, which will help players scout the seas for uninhabited islands. This is also a great way for players to experience flying and landing a plane. It does have one drawback, which is being incredibly loud, so enemies can hear you coming from a distance.

Base Build Elements

Have you gotten a plane from an airfield by going through challenges only for it to get stolen by another player? Well, they can now lock their planes in a hangar behind multiple doors that require lockpicks to open. Players can get creative by creating decoy hangars, which will make others waste their precious lockpicks.

SCUM Update

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug where you could refuel vehicles while moving.
  • Fixed the wrong candle inventory size.
  • Fixed the bug where player would get kicked if taking something from surrendering player.
  • Fixed the bug where killbox gas did not deal damage.
  • Fixed the bug where food eaten in small chunks would digest faster than eating it in one sitting.
  • Fixed the bug where white rectangular icons would appear on sold items list.
  • Fixed the issue where prisoner body would vanish too soon.
  • Fixed the bug where prisoner sometimes could get stuck when repairing items.
  • Fixed the bug where player would respawn with wet items on.
  • Fixed the bug where firearm weapon decay visuals would not update in single-player.
  • Fixed the bug where you could light a candle in your backpack.
  • Fixed the bug where player could move around while picking up a sandbag.
  • Fixed the bug where photo mode would turn off motion blur permanently.
  • Fixed the bug where unequipping fishing items would make them disappear.
  • Fixed the bug where fishes were not draggable on the floor.
  • Fixed the bug where photo mode would return player to third person on FP only servers.
  • Fixed the bug where photo mode would reset your velocity mid-air.
  • Fixed the bug where underwear would stay dry when urinating in them.
  • Fixed the bug where locks would disappear when trying to remove them from planes

You can read more about the update here.

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