The Riftbreaker: Players Can Now Test New Volumetric Lighting System in Latest Experimental Update

The Riftbreaker EXOR Studios

EXOR Studios put up a new experimental update for The Riftbreaker on Steam. Although it doesn't offer new content, the patch does allow players to try out the new volumetric lighting system, which is said to enhance the game's overall lighting.

What Is It?

The new volumetric lighting system in The Riftbreaker allows the company to simulate fog, dust, and aerosols and have them interact with in-game lights in a more natural way. This system is in full display whenever players are inside dark areas like caverns, where the light from the mech is even more pronounced. It is enabled by default for those who hop in the game's experimental branch.

Speaking of which, players who want to try this update out must make a backup of their saves. Furthermore, those who are currently using mods may have to disable them to ensure that nothing goes awry when testing the new features.

New Cheat Codes

EXOR Studios also included two new cheat codes in the latest experimental update. The first one (cheat_buildings_ignore_limits) lets players build any number of cap-limited buildings, such as traps, communication hubs, and armories.

The second cheat code (cheat_unlimited_activations) allows traps to stay functional indefinitely, meaning players don't have to worry about replacing traps when all of their charges are used up. This cheat code removes the trap activation limit as well.

Patch Notes


  • Added support for destructible rock patterns and light mask materials spanning over multiple tiles. You can now create custom masks that are larger than one tile when creating modded maps in Crystal Caverns biome.


  • Changed the location of the light sources attached to player's mech to work better with the new volumetric lighting model.
  • Building limits for traps are now local instead of global. Traps set in one outpost do not count towards your limit on other ones.
  • Traps that have depleted all their charges now leave ruins that can be easily repaired.
  • The bodies of dead enemies disappear much faster if they're lying near traps.
  • Traps can now be overriden with other traps. If you want to replace a fire trap with an acid trap you no longer need to deconstruct the first - just place the new one on the old one.
  • The visual effect of the fire trap is now less bright.
  • Traps can't be accidentally destroyed by explosions or 'stomps' of large creatures.
  • Changed textures of most traps to easily distinguish between the different types.
  • Taking your suggestions into account, Crystal Walls now automatically rebuild themselves after being destroyed. If a piece of Crystal Wall is brought to ruin, it will regrow back to its former self after 60 seconds. The wall won't be at full HP, however, it will regenerate over time as long as it doesn't take damage. Thanks to our community member, Piisfun, who suggested this feature!

So, what can you say about the new volumetric lighting system in The Riftbreakers? Are you going to try it out?

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