The Riftbreaker November 29 Update Brings Safe Mode Option, Patch Notes Here

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The Riftbreakers latest patch is a godsend for players who use mods, with the November 29 update introducing the Safe Mode launch option. The new launch metric can be used for several reasons, including finding out which mods are incompatible or what mods may be causing crashing issues.

The patch adds an Operational radius display to magnetic stabilizers, and Mod Management Screen now features a Toggle All Mods button. The item category of Mini-Miner and Sentry guns are changed to “consumable” from “defensive.” You can read the highlights of the patch below.

  • Added Safe Mode launch option. If the game detects that it wasn't closed properly the last time, it will prompt the user whether they would like to launch the game in Safe Mode. This mode disables all downloaded mods and resets the graphics options to default values. Here are some cases when this option might be useful:
  • You have some mods installed and a game update has caused one or more of them to become incompatible, resulting in a game crash at startup. Launching the game in Safe Mode will allow you to disable the mods that cause problems and wait for a fix.
  • You installed a couple of new mods and they are incompatible with each other - just like in the previous case, Safe Mode will allow you to try and determine which mods are causing trouble.
  • You changed your PC hardware or a monitor - Safe Mode will give you the option to restore your settings to safe defaults and then allow you to reconfigure the game the way you like.You will be prompted about launching the game in Safe Mode every time when the game detects an unsafe shutdown. This option is also available from our Launcher menu.
  • Metallic Valley Survival final wave tweaked - shorter delay before the ending waves, added flurian boss(es.)
  • Operational radius display added to magnetic stabilizers.
  • Added many new building “working” state sounds and bioanomaly idle sounds. Feedback welcome!
  • Mini-Miner and Sentry guns item category changed from “defensive” to “consumable.”
  • Added effects for buildings being turned on and off.
  • Mod Management Screen - added “Toggle All Mods” button.
  • More performance options are displayed in the benchmark summary screen.

The update addressed a couple of bugs as well. You can read about them via Steam.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing The Riftbreaker recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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