The Riftbreaker November 17 Update: New Features and Bug Fixes

The Riftbreaker November 17 Update
The Riftbreaker November 17 Update Steam

EXOR Studios, developers of The Riftbreaker, released a new update that added lots of new features and fixed several in-game issues.

New Features

In this update, the developers added AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1, the latest version of the technology, so players can have good frame rates and visual fidelity. They also optimized CPU performance, specifically for areas with larger bases and high intensity battles. These improvements should lead to smoother gaming experience.

New Picker Tool

For the players who love building, they have something special from this update. The developers introduced a new Picker tool to let them build copies of buildings almost instantly. Press the hotkey “B” or select the Picker tool from the build menu to start copying existing buildings.

The Riftbreaker November 17 Update

  • Energy Walls and regular Walls now share the same menu tile. We made this change to allow you to use the same keyboard shortcut for both variants.
  • Mods in Campaign Mode will start dropping only after the Communications Hub has been built. Previously building the Armory was the trigger for these drops, which caused players to end up with several mods and no real use for them for a long time.
  • Changed the effect for the Rift Station startup sequence interruption - now with more camera shake and louder sounds!
  • Added sound emitters to liquid resource deposits.
  • Reduced the chance for mod drops from “smaller” boss creatures - Nerilians, Stregaroses, and Magmoths.
  • Orbital Laser and Orbital Bombardment now require advanced resources to be crafted.
  • You can now reconstruct after being destroyed on a mission that has already been completed.
  • Fixed an error that caused building cubes to stay behind after completing construction or repair.
  • Fixed the Rift Station not shutting down properly in case of disruption of the resource delivery chain.
  • Removed the collisions of corpses with buildings. It might cause some bodies to land in your base, but it saves us a lot of technical issues, including levitating corpses!
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some tooltips displaying doubled resource values while selling and upgrading buildings.

You can read more about the update here.

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