Rainbow Six Siege Guide: How To Use Oryx

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Oryx Ubisoft

With the release of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge, Ubisoft has introduced two brand new operators that have unique playstyles: Iana the attacker and Oryx the defender.

Oryx is a two-armor defender who can make crucial plays and give tons of information if you use him right. His unique ability is called The Remah Dash, which allows you to cover short distance in a burst. He can make rotation holes as well with his ability, but with a small tradeoff of taking 10HP for every rotation. Oryx also has a special feature that allows him to climb hatches.

Your main task as Oryx is moving around the map silently and waiting for the right opportunity to flank enemies, mostly during their execution time. But beware! When you do this the vaulting animation makes a lot of sound and can expose you to your foes.

Oryx is best paired with operators that can give him intel on when to flank and operators that distract the enemies, which allow him to flank. These include Valk, Clash, Maestro and Pulse. These operators allow Oryx to push the enemies while they are trying to plant or get into the bomb site, which will catch them off-guard.

The best map Oryx can be used on is Villa as the map favors defense on the second floor and has multiple hatches through which Oryx can vault and flank. Basically, if you are defending the Aviator and Bar site, attackers tend to execute their attacks from the master side and usually hold their flank towards Astronomy stairs using a claymore or air jabs. As Oryx, you can instead vault the Astronomy hatch or the Master Bedroom hatch allowing you to flank without them have a direct line of sight on you. When you vault the hatch you can get two kills for free, which disrupts enemy flow.

Oryx has a decent loadout as well. He has the SPAS-12 and MP5 for his primary slot, Bailiff 410 and USP40 as his secondaries, and his gadgets are barbed wire and a bulletproof camera. The MP5 is a really good gun with almost no recoil, but Ubisoft had to remove the ACOG sight for balancing issues.

So, what do you think of Oryx as an operator? Do you think your playstyle fits him perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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