Rainbow Six Siege: Defending Operators You Should Avoid Playing First

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Rainbow Six Siege has released its Year 5 Season 1 update, Void Edge, just a couple of days ago. With the latest season, Siege has a total of 54 operators. That’s a lot of operators with unique abilities that players have to remember. For newcomers, this definitely can get overwhelming. If you bought the standard edition of the game, then you will also have to unlock the older DLC operators using the in-game currency called Renown.

Not all operators are of equal importance, as some are very crucial for the team and some are just downright bad. These are the ones you should probably unlock last. Below we have listed the five worst defenders in Siege, so you know which ones to avoid.



Warden's special ability cannot be matched by any other Operator. He can use his Glance Smart Glasses to see through smoke, although it only works if he is standing still or moving slowly. His glasses also make him immune to flash grenades, so he is perfect to hold down a particular area that normally is bombarded with flashes and smokes grenades. His ability can be turned on and off just like Caveira’s Silent Step.

All of this sounds good on paper, however in the higher levels of play, Warden isn’t that viable. His ability makes him very situation oriented, the only place in the entire game where I thought Warden was important was at Basement Blue Stairs on the map Bank. Other than that, I never really thought of him being that important.

Yes, he can see through smoke and can be a game-changer at the final second of Bomb game-mode, however, the same can be achieved with Bulletproof cam or Maestro’s Evil Eye. PS: His guns are also not that good.



Wamai has a gadget that can be used as a substitute for Jager’s ADS. His gadget, the Mag-Net system, catches incoming enemy projectiles and self-destructs them after a few seconds. A smart Wamai player can turn enemies’ grenades against them. His gadget can even catch Capitao’s smoke and fire bolts which Jager’s ADS can’t do.

However, most Siege players still prefer Jager. This is mostly because his ADS can deny over six enemy projectiles and also completely destroys the projectiles, whereas they still explode with Wamai’s Mag-Nets. Wamai's gadget recharges over time whereas Jager has access to all of his ADS's at the beginning of the round. Players don’t have to wait for Jager’s ability to recharge.



I have mixed feelings about Castle. While he can be a very good operator in high-rank plays, in Gold and below lobbies he is easily countered. Castle can use up to three bulletproof wooden barricades that can slow down enemy attacks.

As of now, there are several operators that can destroy his gadget with ease, fox example: Zofia, Ash, Sledge, Kali, Hibana, Thermite, and all the operators with grenade and breaching charges. On top of that, his panel can also be destroyed with 12 melee attacks. He also has one of the worst guns in the entire game.

Thanks to the latest update, Ubisoft did buff him by giving him a Super Shorty as his secondary weapon. So, now he is in a slightly better place.



Don’t get me wrong, Clash is not a bad operator by any measure. She is the only defending operator with a shield, and her shield can do tick damage and slow down enemies. She is quite frustrating to play against. However, she is not ideal for newcomers. To make her a success, players need teamwork and pre-decided strats. And we know that’s not common for new players.

Due to a recurring bug, she was temporarily banned multiple times by Ubisoft. So unlocking an operator and not be able to play her for half a season doesn’t sound like a smart choice. Developers have said that a rework for Clash is in the pipeline.

Tachanka VG247


There. I said it, and I don’t regret it. The worst operator in the game is the lord, there are no arguments regarding that. Tachanka has access to a stationary mountable LMG, and that’s not very ideal in a game where movement is key. His pick ratio is so bad that Ubisoft has decided to give him a complete rework. So, at least he won’t be staying on this list for too long.

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