Rainbow Six Siege Guide: How To Use Iana

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With the launch of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge, Ubisoft has introduced two new operators that are very unique, Iana and Oryx.

Iana is an attacker who plays more of a support role by gathering intel and also denying the enemies intel. Her unique gadget, the Gemini Replicator, is a remote-controlled hologram of herself. It moves and produces sound like she normally would, but none of her guns, gadgets, or secondaries can be used while she is in her ability. If you are using Iana as a fragger, you are playing her wrong. Your job is to use the gadget to move around the map and relay information to your teammates while they enter the building. Iana’s Gemini Replicator can be destroyed by shooting it just once, but she can use her ability as long as it’s recharged.

You can use Iana to roam clear as well. If you want to clear the top floor of Clubhouse you could just ask a teammate to drone CCTV side while you use the Gemini Replicator from the Gym side and pinch the roamers, not allowing them to fall back to the site. You can also use her gadget for the final attack phase when you are ready to execute into the site. With the final 30 seconds remaining you have to make sure you use the gadget and clear out a certain part of the bomb site, which allows your teammates to get in and plant the bomb.

Iana paired with Jackal/Lion would be a deadly combo as these operators deny defenders from gaining much information and can pinch them at certain points. Iana's abilities can be used on all maps, but it's paired best when there are huge maps that can't be cleared easily such as Theme Park or Kafe Dostoyevsky.

Iana’s loadout is one of the best in the game, she has the ARX200 and G36C as her primary which has almost no recoil to control. That said, the low magazine capacity in the ARX200 is a small drawback. Her secondary weapon is the Mk1 9mm, which is a good pistol with a decent rate of fire and high damage. Iana's gadgets are also good for entering the site with Smoke Grenades and Frag Grenades.

So, what do you think Iana as an operator? Do you think your role fits her perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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