Rainbow Six Siege Guide: Attacking Operators You Should Avoid Playing First

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Rainbow Six Siege's latest season, Void Edge, adds two more operators in the game, bringing the total tally to 54. All of these operators have unique abilities that make them useful for certain scenarios. This is one of the reasons why Siege has such a steep learning curve. Trying to remember names and abilities of over 50 operators alone can be quite a frustrating task.

Thankfully, Siege doesn’t give you all the operators at once. You have to unlock them using the in-game currency called renown. You earn this renown very slowly, so you have to be careful about which operator you should unlock first as there is no going back once you purchase them. Here in this guide, we tell you five worst attacking operators that you should unlock last. You can read our guide about five worst begginer defending operators over here.

Finka Ubisoft


Finka was introduced in Operation Chimera. At first, she was thought of as a good operator, but that quickly dried up. Her abilities are quite controversial. She can give all of her teammates an adrenaline rush that gives them a small health boost, but the boost only last a couple of seconds so its best used when you are pushing a site. Her health boost can also revive operators from DBNO states unless they are downed from Frost’s Welcome Mat.

The most important thing her ability does is that it drastically reduces the recoil of every gun. This might look good on paper, but it’s a big problem for actual gameplay. Most of the players already control the recoil when they shoot, but when the boost becomes active, it can mess with their aim. It is worse when the adrenal boost is turned on in the middle of a fight.

Blackbeard Ubisoft


Let’s get something straight, Blackbeard is not a bad operator by any means. It’s just that he can be quite difficult for new players. Blackbeard has access to two rifle shields which he protects his head with when he aims down his sights. A good BB player can dominate a window for an entire round. BB used to be so OP that Ubisoft nerfed him multiple times. He is known in the Siege community as Nerfbeard.

Blitz Ubisoft


There was a time in Siege when the sound of Blitz' footsteps scared the crap out of defenders, and for good reason. Blitz has access to a shield that also acts as a flashbang. You can rush a defender with your shield up and then blind them using the 3*8 flashbangs that are installed in your shield.

There was a time when he was too OP so Ubisoft decided to nerf him. His number of flashes was reduced from five to four, the flash range was reduced, and his ADS time was increased. A good Blitz player can still create havoc in a match, however, he can be very difficult for new players.

Amaru Ubisoft


We were so excited when Amaru was announced, quickly rushing into the site from any window sounded great. However, it didn’t work in the actual game like we thought it would. Amaru has access to a Garra Hook which she can use to grapple from ledges and windows. Her gadget can also be used to climb through any open hatches. There is one big disadvantage though, the sound of the grapple is so loud that you can hear it from a mile away. Every defender instantly knows that her Garra Hook has been used and can figure out a basic idea of where she is. She also can’t use her gun while she is rappelling, so she is vulnerable to any Frost and Kapkan traps that are installed on windows.

The operator is performing so badly right now that Ubisoft has thought about reworking her during Year 5 or 6.

Nokk Ubisoft


NØKK is a mixture of Caveira and Vigil, but for the attacker side. She has a gadget called Hel Presence Reduction that makes her completely invisible to any cameras in the game. However, the cameras still have white lines when Nokk is close by with her ability turned on (like Vigil).

Her biggest cons are her guns, they are quite bad. Most of the players use the FMG-9, which already has a very bad damage output and it becomes worse when a silencer is installed. Ubisoft did try to make her relevant by increasing the damage output a little bit, but that didn’t help much.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our list? Do you think something different? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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