Pre-registration for TerraGenesis: Landfall Now Open on Google Play

Ready for a new adventure in another planet?
Ready for a new adventure in another planet? Twitter/@TGLandfall

It’s time for another adventure in space TerraGenesis: Landfall. It’s now available for pre-registration on Google Play Store for Android devices. There’s no word if pre-registration has also been opened on the Apple Store, but the game is launching on both Android and iOS.

The game is a sequel to TerraGenesis: Space Settlers, the planet terraforming simulator. In Landfall, players are tasked with building and expanding the first human settlement on Mars and beyond. What makes the game a step ahead of the rest is that it uses real science from none other than NASA.

Building on Other Worlds

To build the first human settlement on another world, players need to recruit settlers. After that, they need to manage whatever resources they have to ensure survival and grow their settlement into a thriving city.

What players need to remember is that there is danger present on other planets, so they must overcome unique and challenging random events as they happen. Once they do, it’s going to shape the future of the people, and with it, the planet. It’s also important to remember that when designing cities, the focus should be on habitation and survival. Rovers can then be used to look for hidden resources and discover any secret the planet is hiding.

In a statement, Edgeworks Entertainment Founder & CEO Alexander Winn shared that he is excited to have launched the next game in the TerraGenesis franchise. He added that it allows for a deeper look in exploring and settling in a new world. Winn went on to say that it’s a dream come true to release a new TerraGenesis game to players, and it was fortunate to have Tilting Point as its partner.

Meanwhile, Tilting Point President and CEO Samir Agili revealed that Alexander is an excellent developer, and that his success in coming up with a game by himself is amazing. Indeed, that effort is amazing given that TerraGenesis: Space Settlers has been downloaded more than 28 million times. He said that Landfall is turning out to be a fantastic game, and they are excited to help Alexander in the future.

Learn more about TerraGenesis: Landfall here.

What about you? Do you have what it takes to build a colony on another planet?

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