Ensemble Stars!! Music English Version Pre-registration Now on Google Play and App Store

Good news US fans!
Good news US fans! Twitter/@enstarsmusic_EN

Ensemble Stars!! Music fans in the West have been playing the game for years now mainly due to the dedication of those who translated the Japanese text to English. That’s going to be a thing of the past soon enough with the English version just on the horizon.

In fact, pre-registration for the game’s English version is now available on App Store and Google Play Store. Currently, it’s limited to players in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Those who pre-register immediately receive these rewards:

  • Exclusive Title
  • Diamond x 200
  • DIA Scout Ticket x 2
  • Gems (L) in 3 Colors x 1
  • Gems (M) in 3 Colors x 1

Milestone Rewards

There's also the ES Induction Bonus which gives out rewards based on milestone registrations:

  • Pre-Registered Producers: 8K (Reached)
    • Rewards: Diamond x 350
  • Pre-Registered Producers: 20K (Reached)
    • Rewards: Diamond x 700
  • Pre-Registered Producers: 40K (Reached)
    • Rewards: Diamond x 1050
  • Pre-Registered Producers: 120K
    • Rewards: Scout x 10 (4-star Card Guaranteed)
  • Pre-Registered Producers: 200K
    • Rewards: Diamond x 1750 + Original Card

There are also these:

  • Facebook Followers Reach 30,000
    • Rewards: EXP Ticket (L) x 3
  • Twitter Followers Reach 50000
    • Rewards: Crystal in 4 Colors x 1

Special Event

In addition to pre-registration, there is also a special invitation event for everybody. It’s simple really. Players can invite five new people to pre-register for the game. Once those five finish their pre-registration, the one who sent the invite gets:

  • Invite 1 player
    • Reward: DIA Scout Ticket x 1
  • Invite 2 players
    • Reward: DIA Scout Ticket x 2
  • Invite 5 players
    • Reward: DIA Scout Ticket x 3

Remember that the rewards can only be claimed once.

What are you waiting for? Pre-register here and join the fun.

Ensemble Stars!! Music is a sequel to Ensemble Stars! It is considered one of the most popular music-themed idol training mobile games around the world. Players get to choose from 49 idols from Yumenosaki Academy who are journeying in the world of entertainment. The game offers an immersive experience through elaborated 3D live scenes, interesting game storylines, and a roster of at least 40 first-class voice actors.

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